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This girl I work with called me a conspiracy theorist because I said they weren't reporting their numbers accurately.

She's a fucking idiotic libtard who claims she's "balanced", but in reality is just a incessant contrarian.

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People are blasting her with the pictures of her and it's fucking glorious

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Whoa lol I didn't even notice it until I went back and looked. Yikes. Traction alopecia is real.

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It otherwise would be, except it’s literally in our name..

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That’s better than the perpetual “haha pedes moar like PEDOS” shit that Reddit would regurgitate at us every time they wanted to show us just how badly they cannot meme.

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Come on guys! I know one of us .winners can read the field, tell the rest of us what it says!!

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These numbers are very old. There's over 35K cases in the country now.

But your point is still valid. Obama didn't even say the word swine flu until 1000 Americans were in the dirt.

At the point when there were less than 50 deaths in this country, it became World War Z out there.

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I fucking knew as soon as a cure was announced they would find a way to demonize it.

These people are so hate-filled they would see the world burn to hurt Trump.

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I actually agree. The second paragraph is pretty run on and could use a second pass.

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can the market bounce back already pls

watching my robinhood bleed like a rotten side of beef a stuck pig has been saddening

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The total is nearly 1.5x that

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I think China saw democratic success in HK as the equivalent of the Berlin wall coming down, and they were NOT fucking down for what happens after that.

China has only benefited from this.

Trade war? Annulled

HK protests? Ended overnight.

Mass death of their population? Reason to enforce an even more iron grip of social control, with less mouths to feed in the after.

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It's 2020, someone needs to make a proper deepfake of this with Bathhouse Barry mouthing the words!

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Based on the supposed 10x death rate compared to the seasonal flu.

Annually, between 50 and 80 thousand die from the seasonal flu.

This isn't rocket science.

Edit: Ok, fuck me for knowing how to multiply. And all you people believing China's supposed death numbers are even dumber for trusting "data" published by the CCP.

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I'm not sure why you think that's unimportant, further, I used bold because you specifically said you didn't think people died from the flu.

PensivePatriot [S] 10 points ago

I hear your lack of concern, but people absolutely do die from the flu. Anywhere from 50K to 80K annually.

Make it ten times deadlier and you have between half a million and 800,000 dead.

It's a real thing dude.

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God I hate that people don't understand basic fucking economics.

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Imagine Aaron Schwartz reading this.

We’re sorry Aaron. The experiment has failed.

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”Even if there was meth, it was on the floor”

What in the ever loving fuck kind of distinction even is this?

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