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I bet you rite. Gals with little tits fuck harder because they got something to prove. I learned that on porn hub.

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A lot are clickbank. Slam the spam link on clickbank's twit feed and bitch about it. Clickbank is trying to look legit nowadays.

You can check short links (all redirect inks)

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Alvin, Manvel, Santa Fe... Pasadena is about an hour to the coast the others are half that. Around here is bird and hog hunts. Deer you're at least 3 hours from. East Texas deer are smaller than the ones in the valley and central TX. A lot depends on the lease, some grow white tail and manage exotics. My lease is in Sisterdale the regular harvest is 8 points. Harvey didn't mess anything up we're fine.

Texas Buck Registry is a good spot to see where a lot of the the big boys are coming from. I follow them on the IG.

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That's how my girl looks when I ask her if she wants the big one