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Way before May 1, I think. The way he's talking it feels to me like he's going to do something for Easter and have things start opening within a week after Easter.

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No, millions of deaths from those causes combined. Somehow we didn't shut down the country for fear of bad drivers or sick people before.

There are very few, if any, reasonably healthy people dying of this virus or whatever they want to call it. Such people always end up being obese or had one foot in the grave. If there were healthy people dying all over the place, the media would be all over promoting it.

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Never before have thousands of Americans died!

(hides the millions of deaths from car accidents, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, the flu, stroke, and suicide)

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That's all I need to see. Proof it works is right there on Google promoting stories that it doesn't. This drug must be cheap enough or something that it's a wrench in the gears of big pharma's plan.

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The entire thing has been orchestrated by big pharma, using this religion that says viruses cause disease. They will be raking in trillions through testing equipment, licenses, and vaccines, all sucked away from citizens and governments of major countries. This has been their most successful scam ever, beyond even Obamacare.

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Step 1: Get Americans pissed off, sitting at home with newly bought guns and nothing to do

Step 2: ??

No I don't think so.

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Trump is looking for a reason to open it. He kept bringing it up today in a stronger way than ever. He has heard the horror stories from regular people, and from the things he has described I think he has a very good picture of it.

Letting medical people dictate how to run the country is a really bad idea. This insanity has to end.

Pede [S] 5 points ago

No, of course he didn't, because he's either on a comfortable retirement or is collecting a guaranteed paycheck while sipping chardenay. This is the case for every person who repeats these fascist orders to stop their lives.

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Bananas, eggs, beans, oatmeal, and rice are dirt cheap, have enough calories, and don't have excess sugar that will make you fat or unhealthy. In America or any place these foods are available, obesity is not a result of poverty. It's about lack of self control and stupidity.

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That one older medical lady talking at the podium at the presser today said that there was no vaccine and no treatment. Huh? She didn't even acknowledge it as a treatment. I know she used a different word than treatment, but I can't remember what it was. Alleviation, maybe? What ever word it was, I was like, what??

SPEZ: Found it, she said "I know we don't have a vaccine. And I know we don't have a therapeutic."

Can anyone explain this?

Pede [S] 2 points ago

I think the general concept of testing it is good. It doesn't have to be a requirement, just pressure from voters to take a test as a standard thing for high office, just like they already do with medical tests. Doctors tend to be pretty honest about their diagnoses. Their findings will be scrutinized by thousands of other doctors.

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The OP doesn't get it at all. Lives, businesses, things people have sacrificed everything for and were barely keeping together, at least having been able to count on having the freedom to make it work until now, have already been destroyed over mass hysteria, and more are being destroyed as we speak. It isn't a possibility. The damage is already happening.

It's not just the destruction. It's ignorant elitists like the OP, sitting back drinking wine, with a guaranteed salary or comfortably retired, without a care in the world but watching their stocks, telling everyone, "What's the big deal? Relax for a few more weeks." So infuriating.

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Is it Jack? The one time I heard him talk it looked like he was a total cuck that deferred to his fascist minority leftist woman lawyer who is in charge of overseeing bannings.

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Right there with you. People are always brainwashed, but this hysteria is a new low even for brainwashed people. It tops any other hysteria in terms of the damage it has done to Americans' lives.

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