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The aussie gun nuts put their guns underground. It's why Brenton Tarrant was able to butcher muslims in New Zealand.

Aussies aren't bringing out their guns because they suffer peak demoralization just as we do.

You and I are unwilling to die for our neighbors' freedom. Simple as. Cops come knocking, we start blasting, sure. But it is anathema to think about doing so for someone else.

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It's sad that this tweet alone could get this woman thrown in jail and her kids taken from her.

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Dealt with women like this all through law school and even today in firms.

They don't stop talking about affirmative action, ever.

Luckily, because of attitude problems, they'll only ever reach associate position.

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Guiliani file dump a few days ago.

I've migrated from this site to the autists, and I can more easily deal with leftie shills than with some of the newer personalities here.

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Hunter has been molesting Beau's daughter, yes.

Also, Hunter legally married his brother's widow and sired a child with her.

There's way too much to unpack.

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Long enough. Apparently, it wasn't even his laptop

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I literally have no fucking clue who you are talking about.

Good job on exposing degenerates, we don't want them on this site. We could use more of you back in 4chan.

No offense pede, I don't care enough to go into your account other than to say my numbers are bigger than yours.

Also, Ponies? As in MLP? You may have caught a shill. You're newer so you may not know about pony-posting.

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Some Dem will have a "traffic accident" and delay the confirmation vote by a few hours but that would probably be it.

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McConnell says first thing in the morning so probably 930 EST.

Games will be played but /ourgal/ ascends on Monday, come hell or high water.

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Overturning state court decisions on what counts as countable ballots with regards to the Nov.3 election

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u/wong will never be forgotten.

We're going to give him and Rush Limbaugh the best celebration they could ever want.

MAGA2020 brother

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I'm not even sure what flair to use on this.

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Was it just me but did Joe seem uncannily prepared for the questions? Like they obviously leaked him the questions?

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Based Dyslexia = Best Dyslexia.

You and I both need to go to a doctor, who we can easily visit thanks to privately obtained healthcare.

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Conjugal visits allowed. Guards will be confused when the nieces and granddaughters arrive.

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