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I love the replies that completely miss the point, or spout the fake news of him calling veterans losers and keep insisting Obama's only scandal was a Tan Suit. Such fucking NPCs.

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Gonna wait for this to end to get a few good time stamps

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Is the dog alright?

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Dominion's systems are secure as certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

Yeah, a commission where Dominion is one of the members

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A lot of these people hate Trump but realize that if they let the fraud slide they might see "another Trump" use it to steal a election.

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I love the desperation of the "journalists". "ARE YOU GONNA CONCEDE? WHY AREN'T YOU CONCEDING? WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO CONCEDE?"

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I am actually more interested in learning how many Biden voters think it was fraudulent vs. it was legit. We already know some of them are seeing this as highly sus.

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I am not upvoting. Not because I disagree but because I am not american and feels dishonest to upvote.

If shit breaks out I will fly over as a foreign volunteer tho.

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This is like a bad joke. How can anyone think this in any way works as security?

The entire election is a fucking joke. They didn't just steal it, they destroyed the entire system.

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Can you give a source for the original? Also congrats Louisiana for being on point.

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He got so used to having the media be a cheerleading squad he forgot life

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Playing devil's advocate here: Twitter isn't that dumb. There is no claim in the tweet so there is no reason to sticky a DEBOONKED label on it since it's about something his team will be talking.

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