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Take a good look boys, this is what a shill is. Role playing online like one of us but failing miserably, getting all whiney like a cuck, and calling names like a fag. Can't handle a good lollercoaster either. Deport cuckz liek whoa

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Yes being happy that a terrorist rat is dead must be a secret op from reddit clearly

The upvotes are all obviously fake too yes?

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We've played the just right porridge game. It gets us no where. Our enemies play to win not play to please. We need to do the same

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I mean no one wants to say it but I will. Even think tanks are hush hush talking about this but nonewant to let the genie out of the bottle.. We're watching the end of our country, our culture, our traditions, etc etc. The country is collapsing around us. Trump buys time but after him that's it. And it's not just the usa, it's the whole west. Country will balkanize, and we start over after probably a lot of death, hopefully no liberal values, women don't vote (let's be honest women voting and being in politics is what brought us here ), etc etc.

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We get negative attention just for existing dude. Time to put on your big boy pants and man up

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