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Guess how much hands sanitizer there is to horde in Venezuela. Yes, it's American.

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Yep. Maryland too. Big Dim states and businesses are doing it to hurt the economy, and thus Trump.

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Be at the meeting. With hot tar and feathers.

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If they're threatening your life, defend yourself. Otherwise, STFU and go get your own.

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Her documentary was on South Africa, which is just now following in Zimbabwe's footsteps. They're still at the 'take away the farms' phase.

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What I learned from video games is that shooting RPGs and shoulder-launched missiles at near targets kills you too.

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Immune from that virus . . . but they mutate quickly. This is why you can get 5 colds a year.

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Now Accuweather says millions are going to die in a storm this week. WTF is wrong with media people?

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I like your thinking.

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Sorry, that's not capitalism. The price is whatever someone will pay. Let Venezuela set prices- our way results in 7,000 brands, and a million extra trucks shipped next week.

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It's time to replace them. Conservatives need to take over, keep things running, and lock out the commies.

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Hoping everything shuts down long enough that we go back to single earner families.

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If you have joined the side of right, you have already won, and none of this matters except that you keep the faith. John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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Who is panicking? The people going on with their lives, or the ones holed up in their bathrooms with a pile of toilet paper?

Sincerely, You're Still Gonna Die Somehow

PatriotDefense [S] 5 points ago

Let me guess: nearly a billion Americans will die of coronavirus this year.

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