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Maybe I'm misinterpreting what I'm seeing. The first line of your initial post, which is a reply to my post, states "I disagree."

This leads me to believe the general context of what you are saying is that you disagree with my distaste for the bill, and that what follows is your argument in favor of it. The arguments you make thereafter seem to support that conclusion; you state that you do think this is how religions and LGBT issues should be handled, and state some complaints about tax dollars going to religions you don't support.

You go on to raise the matter of religions supporting genocide and discriminatory ideologies; given the context of the discussion, that is, treatment under color of law of churches which do not go along with the LGBT agenda, this leads me to believe you feel that these issues are similar. Therefore, your belief seems to be that not only should religions which promote "hate" be attacked by these laws (you state this belief very clearly), but that failing to toe the party line with respect to LGBT issues should fall under that same umbrella and be treated accordingly.

Since my religion, and devout Christianity in general, tends to run very much afoul of the LGBT agenda, the implication is that you want us and our institutions to be treated with destructive lawsuits aimed at eliminating our churches and our ability to do business in general. This is, quite simply, persecution.

Have I gotten something wrong?

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I don't want to live in a country where the government gets to persecute my religion. That is the purpose of this bill. The government has no place telling a church what sex the pastors should be or who is allowed to get married there. Everyone is already tired of DC elites thinking they're better than us because of their "updated" morality, and at this point, I think anyone who hasn't caught on what direction that's going is a fool.

Or, perhaps your point was, you genuinely wish to persecute us. If that is so, then, what use is there in speaking to you any more?

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But this bill doesn't deal with who your taxes go to. What it does is makes it easy and profitable to sue anyone into oblivion who doesn't go along with the LGBTQ agenda and prevents 1st Amendment defenses from being used.

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You... you realize that the point of this bill is to target Christians who disagree with the LGBT agenda, right? SOGI = sexual orientation/gender identity

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The official emails of the Franklin County School Board as displayed on the school board website are these:

Julie Nix (Chair): [email protected]

Arlet Greer: [email protected]

Donna Cosmato: [email protected]

Jon Atchue: [email protected]

Penny E. Blue: [email protected]

Jeff Worley: [email protected]

P.D. Hambrick: [email protected]

GB Washburn Jr: [email protected]

PamelaCincinnatus [S] 8 points ago

Here are the Franklin County school board members:

None of these people get to stay in office. If you live in Franklin County, RUN FOR THESE POSITIONS!!!


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It's true, if you even just read the actual text of his "I have a dream" speech he talks about socialism in there.

But, he was very different from the leftists of today. It seems to me like he was an idealist who thought socialism was part of how people could come together and overcome racial barriers. I don't think he was correct about this--we're seeing now where it actually leads--but he was trying to create peace and not division. So he had his good points and bad points.

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I forgot about that guy haha

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I'm a grown-up. People can and will post things I disagree with. Would I like it? No. Me not liking it is not a good enough reason to shut down all religious activity.

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I see Bible quotes posted regularly on reddit TD, but not Koran quotes.

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No, this is ridiculous. This is the same type of reasoning that's being used to convince people that kids aren't allowed to pray in school or wear crosses there. We're not doing that garbage any more.

Christ is welcome here.

PamelaCincinnatus [S] 9 points ago

Don't listen to these nay-sayers. But do bring a camera and record, record, record.

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Literally nothing in that post is false. The only real question is what if anything the federal government will do.

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We should all start using TOR I think, and learn how to network locally and set up servers for saving and sharing information with people you know. Also, lawyer up and start pushing the system the other way.

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The problem is that if they succeed in VA they'll do it all over the nation. VA is the testing ground. So it's good for all pro-2A folks to show solidarity with each other, to show that we know what's up.

PamelaCincinnatus [S] 2 points ago

This. We have a whole host of legal recourses for making would-be tyrants' lives miserable, we need to lawyer up and use them aggressively.

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Look for colleges that do classical education, or do a trade school. Don't give money to chicom/KGB indoc centers. Don't guilt your kids into subjecting themselves to that garbage. This has to end. Take this seriously, this is their future...

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If you're out in the countryside though, stuff like this won't work because there's too much ground to cover and you'll need to be able to communicate and coordinate with neighbors. So you need a way to talk to the outside to let them know what's up AND a way to communicate even if cell is out or there is signal jamming and deliberate misinformation happening. That means private/encrypted comms.

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It is now... hopefully it doesn't get shadow culled or anything...

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I made this post under the hypothetical assumption that "bigger issues" have, indeed, occurred, and you need to communicate. Like what certain politicians in VA have been talking about doing. Or what actually happened to that guy in NY.

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In the Christian liturgy there's a few lines where the priest is giving instructions to guards: "guard the doors," "the guards, the guards..." I don't know much about the ancient practice respecting posting guards in front of churches, but it existed and maybe we should bring it back. I think it would be kind of cool too just to have another little duty like that that people (guys especially) can do to help look after the church. It shows that you're a community and you look out for each other.

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