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See. That's the problem.

There are very, very few non-crazy women out there.

I wouldn't mind having a good woman by my side either.

But I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses, big houses, money, social events, etc and women for the most part NEED those things.

Or modern society has taught them that they need those things.

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The mayor of Ft Lauderdale is a flaming liberal. The police chief is a progressive pick.

Both immediately painted Brad as being mentally unstable.

Forgive me if I am extremely fucking skeptical of these people.

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Same. I use the Billy Graham rule now.

Never alone with a woman if I can help it.

Won't even work with them if I have the choice.

I think back on years past and cringe at how many times I put myself in situations where all it would take would be one accusation to ruin my life.

I saw it happen to other people I worked with and hung out with and it still took me way too long to make the connection.

Young me was DUMB.

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The worst part may be when they character assassinate you and turn your friends against you.

Luckily most of my friends saw through my ex's bullshit.

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Wait for more details before you make a judgment.

The story is too new.

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There is an ad on the radio that says "Going to a psychiatrist should be as normal and routine as going to the dentist."


You need it? Cool.

But putting the majority of Americans on a program of direct mental manipulation?

Fuck that. Television and social media is bad enough.

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Brad is our guy. We wouldn't be here without him.

People talking shit about him need to gtfo.

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Women do this shit to men all the time just to ruin their lives/guarantee that they get custody of the kids, etc.

spez: this isn't exactly a secret. downvoting me isn't going to keep the cat in the bag.


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Yeah, when the article said that his wife called the cops and told them he had guns in the house this was my first thought.

Pretty standard bullshit from women when they're in the wrong.

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plant some roses bitch don't tattoo them

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Looks like a instathot to me.

But I'd definitely make her another future ex fiancee.

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Look, jack.

Ogog was a bad dude. He would sharpen his earthenware at the old tar pit.

My cilia would oscillate in the tide pool.

Think about it.

I'm a prehistoric coelomate.

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Temporal distancing is strictly enforced!

C'mon, man!

It's 1963.

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Not exactly.

Military service of some form is required for every citizen, and when they get out they get to keep their issued firearm.

That's how I understand it, anyway.

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"They're gonna give him a big 'ol shot in his rear" - GEOTUS

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you're right.

we're not at war. the left is.

btw - go fuck yourself you hypocritical piece of shit.

i recognize your name. I remember your past comments.

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