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If you do the math, both the red states and the major indexes are raging, which means Wall Street believes the blue state cripples are irrelevant.

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Despite the death throes of CA and NY due to their china virus and their riots, the stock market is roaring back. This means the smartest money on Earth thinks the death of CA and NY is a Good Thing.

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Generations that rebel against previous generations tend to die off young and unhappy.

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Drug test the cops...


End the war on drugs...

Lol! This is just plain awful.

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Do you have the same problem with collective minded black supremecists here in the USA?

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He just joined 4 hours ago, and his first and only post is accusing pro-Americans of tending towards nazi/mussolini fascists. So his quoting friedrich is no surprise.

I hit the deport button on him. Perhaps it would be worth it if we all did the same.

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Hi libtard. Your liberal whore of a mom had eight months to abort you, but she probably spent the whole time giving you fetal alcohol syndrome instead. That's why you were born premature.

But it's never too late to correct her mistake.

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Snakehead James Carville was correct when he gave Team Bill Clinton the internal mantra, "It's the economy, stupid."

However, Team Clinton didn't have riots to exploit, so the focus on the economy was a sound strategy.

Team Trump has a proven record on the economy, so any attempt to tie the chinese flu economy on him will be laughable.

But Trump can exploit the riots by rebranding Carville's line into, "It's our personal safety, stupid"

People are angry and afraid because of the riots. When you have your personal safety being threatened, the last thing on your mind is "it's the economy, stupid".

Trump has already cornered the market on this phenomenon by labeling himself as the law-and-order president.

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It's just a flesh wound.

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As long as the libs exist, there will be virtue signalling.

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OMG! I absoultely love the neckhead version of woejack!

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Sanctimonious libs argue that it is impossible for blacks to be racist.

I completely reject that notion.

But since santimonious libs lack reasoning skills, you gotta hit 'em in the feelz instead, so tell them that if they don't believe blacks can be racist, then blacks can be murderously hateful instead, based simply on the crime numbers.

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About a year ago, I studied weimar because many had mentioned that brak homofuckingbama's america had the same degeneracy, and just like you, I was concerned that we Americans can possibly follow Germany's path.

But I found my fears were overblown because of one key distinction between 1940s germany and 2016 America: those germans wanted a return to monarchy (which hitler gave to them in tyranical droves), whereas America just wants to maintain its constitutional republic.

In other words, there's nothing in our American dna that wants to return to monarchy because in the words of Gertrude Stein: there's no there there.

If we do 'progress' to monarchy/aristocracy, it won't be MAGA that will do it, it will be the progressive left that will do it instead.

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Thanks for the explanation!

Well, if Krist lacks control of the song, at least he's still entitled to his percent of the royalties. And there's nothing cuck grohl can do about it.

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I agree that our complacency can be a problem, but Trump has been landsliding biden in the popular vote (via their respective primaries). That's a clear sign we are not complacent.

Democrat shenanigans in november may not even make it close.

And everybody knows.

That's why the left has activated the scorched-earth riots: if you can't beat them, then literally try to kill them instead.

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The only way is the military.

OrangeManBased [S] 5 points ago

Krist should give permission to Team Trump to use Nirvana's song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in an ad showing biden sniffing young girls.

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