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I am so shocked and sad. We need more people like this guy.

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The only thing I don't like about her is she is not my governor.

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He is a financial time bomb. He lives in poverty for what? He is filthy rich he has no extravagances. He is a fucking weirdo friend of Kill Gates. He is all about destroying America. So sick of this hero worship crap. He is a fucking Communist!

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This is why when I Finally leave NY (not NYC) I am going to have a giant Trump flag as I pull in.

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Bumble is a Feminist shithole. Every other girl is purple hair and says swipe left if you support Trump. We need a MAGA dating App. Women that want to be women and not an adversary and competition with their man.

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Love this guy hope he is OK.

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Everyone all make a separate Turkey and have an iPad at the end of the table. lol

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it's campy I think that means cool cringe.

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I have heard that before from a crazy neighbor that used to annoy me. She would say that all the time.

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