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I’m sorry but this is bullshit. This was so hyped and all we have is he said she said. It’s fucking weak.

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How can you not love this man?!?

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Soooo ummm remember those 500k non mask wearing attendees of Sturgis and the resulting lack of a spike? Because methinks my Thanksgiving gathering is gonna be shy of those numbers.

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Easily looks 20 years younger in this rendering.

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Did I tell my liberal father that he can't see his grand kids till he stops watching CNN and promise not to vote for Biden...

Of course not. He can't bring up any of that trash around me or my kids but still...I'm not so fucking insane to say he can't see them.

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In the Vice interview he said It “felt like the start of a civil war”. He was paid to do this in hopes of cause “the spark”. He was a LARP. A fucking muderer but a LARP

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Meh. Minor issues and the optics of making a big deal out of the small issues never does well. So if anything there are lil troll moves.

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What information do you have as to the current state of the Federal Reserve? Any speculation on its not too distant future?

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Highly likely that this has been doctored.

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