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is this real?

come on! really?

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"Lt. Col. Vindman, if you have information that contradicts any of these 28 factual elements in my columns I ask that you make it publicly available. Your testimony did not.

If you don’t have evidence these 28 facts are wrong, I ask that you correct your testimony because any effort to call factually accurate reporting false only misleads America and chills the free debate our Constitutional framers so cherished to protect."

Put up or stfu you tragically overstuffed doughboy.

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complete and utter ass clowns.

at this point it's just embarrassing as all fuck to watch.

i love it. it's hardcore cringe but i love it.

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It's what liars all say "You know me! I'd never do that! You know my son! You know me Lindsey!"

This guy is frightened as all fuck. He has the deep state shielding him and he is STILL FUCKING SCARED!

Things are shifting pedes!!!

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it's pretty funny.

picture the person who made this post.

they have no grasp of the situation. none.

they are like an old cartoon where two people are in a tree. one person is out on the branch and is sawing it off laughing as they do it.

can't wait to see their reaction when the branch falls and the tree remains standing.

truly a fucking idiot.

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no one needs to ban you lol.

we aren't against your right to make an ass of yourself... we welcome it dummy :)

you can't stop the spread of information that is going to happen here. you have zero control. your butthurt comments only serve to make us smile.

Please don't go. We like knowing the left are continuing to melt down. Melt away dipshit.

Opinion12345 [S] (7 points)

your self awareness level is zero.

you took time out of YOUR day to come here.

you fucking moron. you aren't fooling anyone.

the information spread here is out of your control. smile :)

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Thanks for dropping by :)

Cool story! Not only are you wrong... you're dumb.

Don't get me wrong. I hope the dems impeach him too. You know what happens then right?

The senate gets to call their own witnesses and then completely destroy the hilarious failed narrative we have been privy to these past two weeks.

I hope it happens.

Do you think watching Joe Biden, Obama, Clinton et al squirming in their liar's chair isn't going to be amazing?!?

It will be incredible if the dems impeach. Can. Not. Wait.

But yah... you're too dumb to realize the hilarity of your statement aren't you?

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why does it seem every pedophile is a democrat?

it's almost as if they are all in it together. it's the tie that binds them.

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god please make the democrats impeach GEOTUS. Please please please.

When this side show gets to the senate we will get to hear from joe and hunter biden and others....

if the dems impeach - it will be their downfall.

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The democrats WILL NOT impeach.

This is nothing more than a long ass smear. They will "decide" at the end of all of this horse shit that it's not in the "interest of the American public".


Opinion12345 [S] (3 points)

imagine if you will... a loser of such extreme proportions....

get a life dummy.

Opinion12345 [S] (2 points)

hahahahaha we will fight for your right to make an ass of yourself.

brave and beautiful... you're both brave and beautiful.

Opinion12345 [S] (2 points)

my god that would be a rewarding line of work. pedo hunter.

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I was browsing r/PoliticalDiscussion yesterday and my mind exploded.

There were people saying that Trump is so corrupt that he won't take part in the hearings. They said that the Republicans wouldn't call any witnesses "out of spite and disrespect to Schiff".

They had either convinced themselves, or were attempting to convince others that the reason it was so openly and blatantly one sided... is because the Republicans "wouldn't participate because it would give Schiff a chance to ask the Republican's witnesses questions".

My head exploded from reading it.

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I'm sure we will see some form of false flag type shit here eventually.

What I was thinking about earlier today though was... how long until we get a DDoS?

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yah man.... unreal what happens when you aren't being throttled by bullshit algorithms.

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If the media et al continue to work together to try to rip him down... we will be there to help him fight back.

That's what I see happening.

If they allow this great man to retreat back into his private life, and reverse course on their non stop take downs... I'm sure we could tone it back as well. We are bringing the terrible lies to light... if they stopped lying we could stop revealing it.

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not just that... it was foreign donations.

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I miss Woods' tweets. They were savage.

Opinion12345 [S] (2 points)

Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak are both based. Their tweets are usually right on the money. And... I fucking love this place.

Opinion12345 [S] (3 points)

you are welcome my son.

go forth and meme.

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