OozingMachismo 1 point ago

So, just jogging to work then. Maybe just left church.

OozingMachismo 1 point ago

I don't think Rudy is afraid to say anything. If he thought it, he'd tell you and will not apologize for it.

OozingMachismo 2 points ago

"Survive better."

That's CNN for "saved lives"

OozingMachismo 48 points ago

Rookie Springfield Detective Florissa Fuentes — who had just joined the department last year

Diversity hire, indeed. Starts off as a detective....

OozingMachismo 15 points ago

I work in the city, I see some good ones. Dope fiends high as fuck, doing the lean but wearing a mask. Hilarious. Dudes out front of the corner store smoking cigarettes with their masks on their necks BUT WEARING NITRILE GLOVES AS THEY PUT THE BUTT TO THEIR LIPS.

Amazing stuff. They have no idea why the dude in the Chevy is laughing at them as we make eye contact.

OozingMachismo 4 points ago

Big day for me. Guys, after seeing her picture, I now fully endorse the burka. I get it now and I'm doing better.

OozingMachismo 16 points ago

Once Leftists fully infect an institution, its not about money anymore. It's odd. All they care about is getting to one more smooth brain to buy their bullshit through this new Avenue.

OozingMachismo 12 points ago

Broken, shitbum culture leads to defending this type of behavior. Gross.

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