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It's the dying gasp, really a desperate position for them to be in. They wouldn't be here unless they were backed into a corner.

It's incredibly dangerous to be so vulnerable that every talking point you make relies on people not paying any attention whatsoever. (i.e watching any Trump speech)

I don't see how they could alter election results reliably without the truth coming out within 24 hours. They don't have enough control.

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It really is to create the illusion of consent.

  1. Make people believe there is mass support for something unreasonable to demoralize them

  2. Rig elections to get politicians in power that don't get enough votes for these unpopular positions.

  3. These politicians are considered legitimate because popular sentiment seems to support their positions online.

The goal is for the few to mandate to the many, simply by making them believe that they are powerless and fringe.

...and of course the true structure is very much like the wizard of Oz, a house of cards.

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Anti-fascists act fascist

Anti-racists are incredibly racist

The ministry of love tortures people

The ministry of truth lies out of its ass


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Pretty much just weaponized language to attack & demoralize an entire group of people while painting it as something else.

It really is ironic that the anti-racists do almost all of the racism.

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They tried to create multiple zones like this and failed, now this one has been shut down.

Good. If this was allowed to fester you would've had "no-go zones" and eventually a civil war with enough outside support from rich sycophants and media working in concert.

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Smug libs will believe this, because orange man has been exposed as super-evil racist that he concealed to his "former trump voter" base before. everybody else, no.

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Yea this is strange. Tim is usually very thoughtful in making his points. I didn't get that impression when he suddenly pulled this one.

I still think it's a good thing, it prevents voters from getting complacent, and makes him look more unbiased to any lefties who may be on the fence.

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Tick down actually, rioters will never gain any foothold against government & armed citizens combined.

When they are allowed to exist by sympathist governors, you get CHOP and "peaceful" riots. When they're put down, they're powerless. In terms of pure force they can't sustain a civil war unless they can do so ideologically, a battle they are also losing.

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This is a GOOD thing, they must just be stupid as all hell. It's only giving us free promotion, and the numbers boost today proves that.

Onplanet 5 points ago

'Xactly, it's playing right into his hands.

This has happened over and over, especially over the past year.

  • Anti Trump dem narrative
  • Libs spread it everywhere because orange man bad
  • Narrative gets debunked/flipped to be pro-trump
  • Redpills hit their targets because the libs have already spread them for us
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Yay, racism is good guys. Do more racism.

This is pretty much textbook doublethink.

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If you can show all races that dems hate them, they wont vote for them at the very least, even if they wont vote for Trump either.

We should go after everyone, honestly fuck this stupid demographics is destiny belief system. Voters can always change their minds as long as they're not voting from inside a wooden box.

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Always wondered why it makes sense to react to single incidents anyway.

It would make more sense to report mass statistics and say "we need to address this". But of course this is more about agenda driving and assumptions than actually wanting to solve problems.

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I agree with pretty much everything you've said.

I'd only say that the burden version is the one that most armchair socialists advocate for, basically because they'd rather stagnate than grow just to avoid a little discomfort. The majority of them don't have aspirations of godhood (although the crab bucket mentality goes part and parcel for sure).

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The only "real socialism" that would ever work is where all human labor is replaced by robots and automation.

Up till now they've always just created a slave class (i.e the workers) and wonder why it's not a utopia.

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Still have this playlisted from the pre-dawn days a mere 4 years ago, praise kek.

Onwards to four more!

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They are paralyzed by lack of emotional control. Especially envy/jealously (which is remedied by dragging others down) and anxiety (safe spaces). They'll do anything to "feel better".

Onplanet 11 points ago

i've seen so many posts on win with vids that were taken down within the past month. Makes me strongly suspect they are now monitoring here to purposely target stuff for deletion.

Onplanet 3 points ago

Most media should really just be ignored, all they do is try to lie and conceal while triggering emotions that mess up your rational thinking.

And you can bet they're desperate. But credit where credit is due, they're master propagandists - case and point with many pedes getting demoralized by what they know is fake BS.

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You're a damn fool if you become a conservative and take on all of their talking points without thinking.

THINK; You deserve to have a wide variety of beliefs that don't match up with what's popular, as long as they make logical sense to you.

Sometimes things are just a point of view when it comes down to it, even if some people believe that there is an absolute right vs. wrong in everything.

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