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I bought American Express today. Under $90 for that stock is a steal (and they are about to make distributions).

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Antibody testing would be great.

Knowing if you have already had the disease would be super helpful. We could get an idea of prevalence, and theoretically people who have already had coronavirus, Even if they were asymptomatic, should be protected for at least a couple of years. They could get back to work.

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Filming medical equipment and people walking around is kind of odd.

Does this doc not understand the situation? Yes, we are conserving supplies that are being ramped up because our medical supply lines ran through China. No, just because we have a 1st world country doesn’t mean that shortages never occur. Italy is 1st world as well.

I guess I have a different perspective because I have done medical relief work in countries where supplies are always constrained. You do the best you can with what you have. That’s all we can do.

Docs should be a source of strength and reassurance. If there is a problem then present a solution, not a low grade whiny complaint video. Remember all those essays about helping people when you applied to med school? Well, now is the time. It isn’t always going to be comfortable, relaxed, and lucrative.

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These folks are making bad decisions even when you consider their own self-interest.

I generally support people being able to live on their own property as a fundamental right for tax paying US citizens.

But flooding a small community is dumb. Typically the infrastructure, especially hospitals, cannot handle a sick population surged in size. You also don’t have the typical support structure - your family doctor, etc.

These folks are hurting themselves along with the year round residents.

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looking at the NYT is a similar experience to watching a cringe video.

I can’t help feeing embarrassed on their behalf for how transparent, dopey, and lame they are.

Recycling their ludicrous “Russia” narrative, while they compete with WaPo and others to lick the ass clean of China who is a much more realistic geopolical adversary (and who just allowed a virus out to torment the world) is redefining the paradigm for clown world.

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Well, 2,500 Americans have died related to the virus as of now. A bad flu season might take 65,000 lives as we had for example in 2018.

I hope it ends up being much less, and that treatment regimens end up having a great impact. But if we barely bat an eye over a flu season that takes over 60,000 American lives, is 200k really that surprising for the China flu?

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I have not worked in a hospital before without a private loading dock for the dignified transfer of human remains. Has this hospital always hauled bodies out onto the street?

Also it is worth pointing out that New York has always had a chronic shortage of morgue space and has strained it nearly capacity many times.

Neither of these observations are to downplay the nearly 1000 deaths that have occurred in the state of New York since the virus hit. Just strange to me to see a hospital that loads human remains streetside.

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It’s the opposite of what the president said.

Trump said he instead has Mike Pence call those people who dislike and won’t work with Trump.

Those people get all federal aid.

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All elective work is cancelled. Including many surgeries, colonoscopies, cancer follow ups, etc.

Fewer bullshit cases in the ED as people don’t want to come expose themselves to the virus for that back pain they have had for 3 years.

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The act of arresting and jailing people will cause more virus transmission than leaving them alone.

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Just like the “I totally support 2A, but...” crowd.

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They really just lack the foresight to understand what results from the “long term shelter in place” policy.

Economic Armageddon, and social revolt. The policies put people into an impossible position, and they will not tolerate it in a prolonged fashion.

People like Wallace whose job and income are assured and even enhanced by this cannot possibly understand.

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Could just be personal security. He is mega rich.

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A 10% mortality rate in under 35s?

Total absolute bullshit.

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Yo let’s report on the 1 or 2 kids that have died rather than the tens of thousands of adults. Gotta scare those kids and parents!

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There are a lot of factors that go into death rate.

For example Italy may have more b/c older population.

But the USA also gives a lot of resources to helping medically fragile people stay alive. Some of these folks have 5 different major conditions and live on home oxygen. They are likely to die if they get coronavirus. In many countries where rationing is accepted, these people would not still be around.

So it’s more complicated than just “who has a better system” although I think the USA does.

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Their goal is to create this fear. And that of itself should tell you something about their lack of ethics, tolerance, or actual compassion.

There are situations where making your politics known is disadvantageous. For example if your boss or teacher is a tds sufferer. Or if it would negatively impact your business.

Otherwise, just find new friends.

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Paid for by the DEM-entia party.

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I don’t think so.

Once the virus escaped China, fate had pretty much taken over.

A certain percent of the Us population was going to get this and a tiny percent of that will die. That is a fact and cannot be headed off. It was inevitable after the first few infected people left Wuhan.

We aren’t even going to substantially change the percent that gets the infection. We are just spreading it out more in time so that we can ramp up what we need to support the sickest (reducing mortality substantially).

Government knows this and at the Federal level Trump isn’t going to overplay this to the point of declaring martial law.

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