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ABC and these other cuck companies carry a very "official" tone of voice on air, but on reality they're all hot-aired sacks of shit. That, and they move so quick from topic to topic that the typical person with the station on in their kitchen as background noise doesn't even have time to question what the hell they just said, their mind has to say "OK" and move onto whatever the channel's next topic is. MK Ultra mother fucking psyops on the population with their blatant lies. They need tried for crimes against humanity.

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Water. Haven't drank in almost 5 years. Sorry about the furlough Pede, cheers regardless ๐Ÿป

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Surprised it took em that long! Very slow compared to their normal fake news standards. They can't even win against themselves.

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25 ain't enough, raise it to 30


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Top left corner... Am mobile at the moment else I'd type it out, sorry ๐Ÿธ

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No hair sniffing, definitely false advertising

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Omg it's /refunds

That is friggin hilarious

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Yep I'm loving the silence where I live, very little loud city noise compared to usual.

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Good call OP! This thread might be worth reposting a few times since you'll probably get a different audience with different links each time.

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This actually is the correct answer. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

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Media wants us all dead. They'd do it themselves but they're passive-aggressive chicken shits that can only talk but not act. So they'll cuck themselves out of the honors and hope that a lack of this drug will allow covid to kill us all instead.

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Same exact situation, this meme hits home. Brings a tear to my eye, really :_)

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V: It's... One thousand and six. Kick his ass, Nappa.

Nappa gets wrecked

V: Wait Nappa!!

Nappa lands in a twisted pile of flesh and bones at Vegeta's feet

N: Whaaaaat??!

V: I had the scouter on upside-down. It's over 9000. Grahh. crushes scouter

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2 more, and it's ovER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!!

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I'm all in on this, but you gotta be SUBTLE! Screaming "omg 4chan did this" is not subtle, it blows the cover fast.

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