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Thanks for the comment. I was reviewing some childhood pics of Obama recently, while looking into his mother, and I agree with you. It does not look like Obama, at all. I can't pick of single major feature that stayed with him into adulthood.

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Negligent homicide

100% done deal

If I was a family member, I would sue for $500million and not settle.

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lol no... the CABAL runs the UK and the Queen is part of it.

Parliament is a bunch of blackmailed PEDO's doing the bidding of the NWO.

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His conscience would not let him enjoy the good life, knowing all the Evil would be running rampant.

It's called MORALITY.

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why are you losing your shit ?

you are accusing these other posters of lying?

Yes.. Upon new mandate, companies can switch to new pricing WHEN EVER THEY LIKE.

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that is exactly how it happens

it's called COMPUTING

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A few years back I made the assertion that Acosta and George Clooney share the same DNA. Three months later, Acosta began dying his hair.


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fuck off.. you're so fucking obvious in your trolling, faggot..

I knew you were a cunt based on your first comment.

I'm seasoned. You are a shill.

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HW found he was far more comfortable operating in the shadows and fucking children every chance he had.

Too much spotlight on the Oval Office.

Everything has been choreographed since JFK was assassinated.

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