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I like them, I just don't understand dealing with the board (I haven't devoted much time to, tbh)

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I can tell that they are being suppressed on YT. There were many to watch every night 2 weeks ago, but not now. The commies are still out there, but most are white women screamingand yelling. The looting mostly stopped on May 31 (like magic!). Not as many Blacks, except for the leaders.

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Or, it could come back XXY like tens of thousands of US males.


Many of these babies are aborted these days. Doctors actually recommend it because there are often problems with these kids, like learning and behavioral issues. The ones that have it tend to be very tall and don't have good muscular development. They are often sterile and develop "msn boobs". Testosterone treatments can help a lot.

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Exactly. Strip her citizenship and deport her. She is a Communist traitor.

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They are not elites. No one in this country is elite. Some are wealthier than others, more educated than others, or are more intelligent. That is all. We fought a war to not have elites or to give them more deference and privilege than anyone else.

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Hopefully this local paper will go bankrupt soon.

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No one will ever know because Mayor De Blasio (sic) fired all the undercover cops that find drug dealers, gun runners, and thieves.

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I am so sorry to hear this. Hopefully we will get a recovering economy soon and you can get back up and going then. This has been hard for so many people. Stick with us.

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