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Certainly helps when the entire globe turns to you to purchase all this shitty PPE.

We have collectively learned nothing from this.

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I saw another Pede post this earlier...I hope you will all join me in a silent pact that if you are ever a juror in a case where someone murders a pedophile, you will always vote ‘Not Guilty.’

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This is fucking embarrassing.

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This is someone who just knows they're the smartest person in every room because they took an Intro. to Poly Sci and Econ course at their local community college.

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This is the biggest nothing ever. “Major national announcement?” The reporters must be sitting there hoping there is a second half to this, because as it stands, Americans are not going to care at all.

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That’s because the “Asians are smart” stereotype couldn’t be more wrong. If the Chinese were so smart, they wouldn’t have had to steal everything for the past fifty years. Asians are pretty low-IQ on average.

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There’s no way he got buried in that. All for show. Fentanyl Floyd was dumped off in a pine box.

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Correction: those people were never your friends to begin with.

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And it peaked without mask mandates. Weird!!

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What the rioters don’t understand is I WANT them dead.

They weren’t there to see me laugh for an hour at that statue coming down and completely crushing one of their retarded asses. I love watching them get shot and pepper-sprayed. It brings joy to my hardened heart.

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I have no faith in my fellow citizens. They will happily get in the box car.

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Upvoting because it’s time we call the Kenyan what he is.

King Nigga.

Spare me the reports and trying to ban me. Two months of our country being destroyed over joggers has me about fucking done. Obongo committed treason. Warm yourself up to the idea that we need justice of the highest order.

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I would give up a year’s salary just to watch Barry’s neck snap in person. I would be screaming at the top of my lungs in ecstasy.

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