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Start offering $100,000 rewards for anyone who was counting ballots on election night to tell us WHO issued the order to stop the count. Then go to that person and offer immunity to tells us where they got their orders. Repeat.

Eventually you will find WHO made the call to stop the count. Then we build the gallows. They had someone with intimate knowledge of how the vote switching software worked and was able to project that the software alone wouldn’t be enough.

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Not only that, but Biden UNDER performed both Hillary and Obumer in all major metropolitan areas EXCEPT Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. In the Middle of the Night. After they said to stop the counting. All at the same time. After Ohio and Florida we’re gone.

C’mon man!

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It goes to 0% if your group is breaking the windows and vandalizing local business and/or burning police cars!

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Turns out “urban” voters just LOVE senile old white dudes that can barely string every other sentence together and have spent nearly half a century in politics.

C’mon man!

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Part of their strategy was to employ ALL forms of fraud.

Mail-in ballots from POBoxes.

Dead voters

Out of state votes

Duplicate voters

Programmed the steal in the machines.

Dumping extra Biden only ballots

They wanted for each to be unable to reverse their steal as it will be hard to find and prove them all

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“Fraudulent but mostly trustworthy elections” is the new “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests”

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I like to think of it as: Soap, Ballot, Jury, Ammo.

We are on the dot win because big tech has been deigning us the Soap Box

The Dems in a few counties coordinated and ruined our voice at the Ballot Box.

The Deep State is doing all they can to rob us of justice at the Jury Box.

Lord Help us if we need to resort to the Ammo Box

...in minecraft.

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Doesn't this also open the door to using the insurrection act to toss out their electors?

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Fairly certain that no matter how you look at it, getting your indian-corn meth teeth pulled so that you can get dentures for the sake of your dementia riddled dad's benefit isn't very cool.

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He didn’t die a hero, so he’s going to live to be the villain.

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THE ADMIS OF TheDonald.win have done as much to save the republic as Patrick Henry

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It’s certainly not to keep joggers out!

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Hey! Don't you remember? They are working to foil the biggest threat to our democracy... White Supremacists!

'cause you know the systematic corruption and over whelming fraud in our voting system is totally not a "threat to our democracy".

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Simple answer... "Investigating" racist garage pull downs.

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This was certainly coordinated.

I've been saying, offer $100,000 rewards for people to just tell us WHO told them to stop counting. Then go the that person and start offering immunity deals to tell us WHO told them to give the order. Work your way up the chain until you have the person who was presented with the life election data and saw that ~The Algorithm~ wasn't going to be enough in the remaining MUST WIN states.

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She'd be more likely to get meaningful action if she addressed her complaint to Gilligan, put it in a bottle, and threw it in the Detroit River.

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The Media is not the forth branch of government...

But they act like it because they are part of the Deep State.

The FEC needs to step in and put a scroll bar at the bottom of every MSM "news" feed...

What you are watching is for entertainment purposes only, it does not reflect reality, and consists of opinion masquerading as information

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I'm not normally one for lawyers, BUT

I hope all of these Patriots that are fighting hard for GEOTUS right now, get top level positions when we win this thing.

Sidney can take over the FBI Mayor Rudy can take over the CIA and Lin Wood can be AG

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