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Nah, man, it totally happened .. just like this -

โœŠ Ruthkanda Forever!


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(No less than) Jay Seculow was on Foxnews the evening of the announcement ... (he's had over two dozen cases before the supreme court) ... and elements of his interview dated proof of life, involving a court case, to May 2020.

I'd consider that unimpeachable, .. but her state of health at various times before that, and after that, and also as to who wrote her opinions, are all who-knows?.

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After they came here, it seems to be within the methodologies of their plans to Try and look like human beings, .. but is this really as close as they can get?

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๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ There have been collages of like a dozen antifa arson arrestees, and articles equaling Hundreds of arrests.

Historically he's smarter / better-informed than the narrative he's agreeing to.

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"Covid-19 moves across the landscape at about four and a half feet above the ground"

.. This could also explain why the Chinese were less affected than the US in general.

Scientists might also investigate penis length, and the ability to fucking invent anything on one's own.

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I didn't realize that she respected and worshipped President Trump at that level. Wow.

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It's there next to how it's "a living document".

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Interesting fact: things need moisture in order to rot.

What she's doing is scorching and even further desiccating.

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If she had any unpopped popcorn on her when she went, it's definitely jumped out of the bag by now. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Where's that lunatic's driving mask??

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"What do you have for us today, Mr Franklin?"

.. "A protean slate for the whims of topical activism - and a make-a-wish foundation, ma'am, if you can keep it."

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Technically, it's supposed to be worms. Giant ones, who never die.

Interestingly, the multi-hundred degree volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean (Inside the Earth) are populated by giant sulfur-based extremeophile worms, called Riftia, of essentially 'alien' biology and unknown lifespans. Sooooo ... I hope she enjoys that.

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"Didnโ€™t Scalia die under weird circumstances?"

No, .. it was an assassination like usual.

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John "Blackmail Me" Roberts (not to be confused with Barack "Blackmale Me" Obama) could be removed from the bench with one article at GatewayPundit.

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Quite the compliment. Somewhere, whatever Soros calls "balls" just wheezed out a cough of dust he calls "semen".

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Well .. they Can't vote for Drumpf, he's a corrupt and incompetent Russian Nazi monster that made Gaia set Oregon on fire!!

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Here sits George Soros,
Part of an 'elite' group.
Thought he would rule,
But now he's just soup.

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Alzheim Biden - "Hey, After Later, Crocogator!"

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