OGpede [S] 7 points ago

Gold bricks! The more you are awarded, the bigger your wall gets.

OGpede [S] 26 points ago

Same here, lurker since the beginning. Never officially got a coat or brick! We need to make a lurker megathread for all the people like us that never made a reddit account. Be pretty interesting to see how many there actually are.

OGpede [S] 8 points ago

I get what you are saying, though it is extremely helpful for us to have an official backup plan for when the day T_D goes offline.

I was always worried reddit would just one day pull the plug on T_D without warning and the community would be permanently fragmented.

The information for this site should be stickied at the very top of the subreddit permanently IMO.

OGpede [S] 11 points ago

Bro same, I've been lurking since he made his campaign announcement in 2015. So glad we got a place outside of reddit. I'm a bit concerned for the security of this site though - hopefully the mods are on top of it.