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I'm talking about a literal firing squad. Obviously I want them to all be held accountable, and fuck off with telling me who I listen to. I cut the cord before most people and spend quite a bit of time in these parts.

I've put my money where my mouth is on Trump. I believe in him and feel supremely positive he's going to win and deliver Justice. I just don't see anyone being legit executed by firing squad. I'd be fine with being proven wrong, but I'm not going to be upset if he doesn't execute his betrayers. We haven't had one major person in an orange jumpsuit yet - I'm going to keep my expectations to him arresting the whole lot of them.

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I know we all joke about this and many want this to happen - but could you imagine how bad the optics would be if on Trumps watch, Sidney tried these powerful people for treason, won, and they got executed? I don't see it really happening, but damn that'd be something for the history books.

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That's cus you're talking to Don Jr. Otherwise, you'd tell him to GTFO.

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Good timing. The evidence is devastating to Biden so far and GEOTUS was just overheard on a cell phone of the Trump Team. He may speak.

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Why? No idea who he is, but he appears to be on the side of MAGA... am I wrong?

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They need to retract that or update us on the validity of it. That was a major statement.

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The Las Vegas shooting was later that night.

Possibly/Probably unrelated.

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You think he's been talking the whole time?

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This one feels signifcant. One way they could hide/mask the injection of ballots would be to exclude a certain # of Trump Ballots the same moment you inject the same number of Biden votes - then make a simple looking error where you just take the last # off the injection #. Batch of 9k instead of a batch of 90k.

This is the kind of thing they were probably pulling when they realized Trump was killing their projections.

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I think my use of the word "fucking" could be taken out of context. I meant it in a Braveheart kinda way - not a defeated kind of way.

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Were holding the fucking line. We just need a win. Not everyone is going to be able to withstand, and we were told last week would be the big week. Sekulow said a big filing was going to happen today or tomorrow in GA. The narrative outside of here is bleak, so we are all doing our best. We need to stop kicking people away and continue to hold the line and give everyone pep talks when they need it. That doesn't hurt us.

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