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Or just the word. Don't be Barry. He did another Barry. We will Barry you. (Knock shoe on table..)

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He's a based old Bean, bless him, and the reform was passed into law in that same year (2014). Unfortunately I can't say I've seen any change in free speech repression since then. England is still an authoritarian state.

Shame on them for undoing centuries of struggle to achieve a democracy. You can thank the Liberal party of the late 19th century who started socialistic programs, then Labour which took over from them and gradually moved (as Liberals have over here) to outright socialism that tolerates everything except dissent.

And isn't Obama being a typically hypocritical post-Liberal, paying lip service to free speech while persecuting Dinesh D'Souza (8 mos. in prison), weaponizing the IRS against Tea Party PACs, and of course violating his own successor's Constitutional rights...

Edit: Re Louis Lerner and the IRS, a reminder, in case anyone's forgotten, that these people are human filth and enemies of our democratic Republic:

"In the months before the 2012 election, there were anecdotal reports of Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations facing closer scrutiny from the IRS. When they applied for recognition as non-profit groups, which would allow them to receive tax-exempt donations (as many liberal interest groups do), conservative groups found that they were subjected to delays and intrusive questioning.

Hundreds of conservative groups were affected. As a result, many of them never launched. The Tea Party — the grass roots effort that had led Republicans to victory in the House in 2010 — was taken off the field for the 2012 elections."


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In Brave New World marriage and families are looked down on as much as unwed mothers and out-of-wedlock sex used to be not so very long ago in this country. Sleeping around, orgies, and drugs--those things are not just condoned but encouraged by the global(ist) government.

Huxley was a prophet, at least as much as Orwell. Actually the dystopia that's now facing us is a combination of both--social control through pleasure backed up by social control through pain.

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Thanks for sharing this detailed knowledge. The truth about these people is always uglier than you think it is, no matter how ugly you think it is.

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It isn't just Big Pharma and BIg Tech. The Establishment wants the pandemic (or pandemic terror) to continue, so the economy will continue to be crippled, and Trump gets blamed and loses the Election--that's the plan.

Even the timing of the virus outbreak fits into this pattern with uncanny precision, coming just after the failed impeachment. China has infiltrated every other aspect of American life, why not go after public health, and coordinate with the Democrats to deliberately release the virus? They hate Trump, too.

And the killing off of the elderly also helps the Democrats, since a large percentage are Trump voters.

The evil of these fucks is limitless.

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No cucked EU country respects its flag anymore. Do you remember when Merkel was having some sort of rally, and when a supporter next to her waved a little German flag, she took it away from her while shaking her head like a scolding schoolteacher? I'll bet they salute it in Hungary, and Poland, too--unless the globalist candidate cheats her way into the presidency. I'll bet they do it in China, as well, while laughing at us for not supporting our own country and helping them undermine us and colonize us. Oy vey and WTF!

Memorial Day, I'm sure you know, was originally Decoration Day and started soon after the Civil War--to honor the soldiers who died to free the slaves.

(BTW, have you ever heard John Lee Hooker's "Decoration Day'? An extremely powerful song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTbLOB3zVw4)

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Apologies to our many based Millennial Pedes, but look at the demographics. The reason more and more companies are going woke is in large part (I don’t know exactly how large) because more and more of this generation is entering the highest corporate positions as they reach their mid-to-late 30s. Doesn’t it seem there are a lot more woke corporations now than even in 2016? It’s like we’re reaching a saturation point.

Of course there are still a lot more (woke) X types at the top, and some lingering Boomers, who started it all, damn us! but with each succeeding generation the Leftist indoctrination that began in the 60s has become more and more dominant in the Liberal Arts (and alas computer science too, it seems); faculties are now 90-95% on the Left, at least in the Ivy League. The Millennial generation has taken the full brunt of the brainwash. Their oldest are now on faculties themselves, which means Millennials have been brainwashing Millennials for some time. The tidal wave they represent hasn’t even crested yet.

Look at professional athletics. What’s the average age of major league baseball players? We know about the multimillionaire basketball playuhs. We’ve seen what cynical hypocrites they are about saying fuck you to Hong Kong while sucking up to China because $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

As with basketball, so goes the corporate world in general: virtue-signal your ass off while exploiting Chinese cheap/slave labor and preserving/expanding your market share. Pander to your woke Millennial customer-base with cringe-worthy displays of BLM solidarity—many of which may actually be sincere—God help us! But DISPLAY is the word here. The “socialism” is just big talk and facile gestures. The rest is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

There’s no question our country’s becoming more and more like a Chinese colony with CCP values thanks to the same ugly mix of predatory capitalism and socialist ideology, baked into our system by MSM hacks, politicians and professors. Our “educational” system has finally succeeded in doing what it’s been working towards for decades: creating a vast army of ignorant Far Left fanatics, American Red Guards. And right in the thick of this are the 20s-to-30s Millennials.

At least all of them have reached voting age as of the last general election. (The youngest Millennials were born in the late 90s.) THAT tide has crested. My hope, backed up only by a slew of polls (I know, for all THEY’re worth) is that Gen Z will prove more based. Maybe a 60s-style generational rebellion in reverse, this time against their parents’ and teachers’ sanctimonious Left-Wing pieties? The tidal wave will only recede if and when young people start seeing wokeness as UNCOOL.

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It's drive-by virtue-signaling.

Standing or walking, walking or driving, always signal the virtue.

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Everything's connected with these people, in a really really bad way. The closer you look, the more rotten it is. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant." But is there enough on this planet to do the job?

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Seems more like a catcher. Especially likes to blow basketball players: he can do it standing up.

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This has GOT to stop. Those motherfuckers. It helps to have cheap labor and actual slave labor as well as slavishly compliant US companies. And WTO subsidies.

For decades America's been for sale, and China's been the biggest buyer. Throw in its ideological hold on our cultural institutions/politicians and its industrial infiltration and theft, and we're almost colonized. Thank God for Trump, and no wonder the Establishment hates him.

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The WTO wasn't even created till 1995--under Clinton, who was one of the main advocates. The previous year he'd already granted China most-favored-nation trading status, breaking a campaign promise (surprise!). It entered the WTO in 2001, but with a big push from Clinton in his last months in office. The WTO still lists China as a "developing nation" even though it has the second largest economy in the world. (That means big time financial aid.)

All along these sell-outs have been paying lip service to the cliche that opening up China's economy to capitalism would automatically bring democracy. Tienanmen Square, anybody? Kissinger was only the first in a growing list of prominent greedos hiding behind this cliche while doing Chinese PR for the big bucks. But now they're not even pretending to care that China is not and never will be a democracy. Instead, they're making America more like China.

These traitors belong at the business end of a rope.

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This was BEFORE Mao went after China's unions with his Cultural Revolution attack dogs.

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People like him are the first to be slaughtered when Commies REALLY take over--if only because they're in positions of authority. But this cuckwit is too stupid and ignorant of history to realize that. Even after getting a taste of it.

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Remember when Chanel Rion of OAN stood up and asked a question at a WH briefing, and the murderous look she got from a Left-Wing hack seated next to her? It isn't just her politics, it's that combination of beauty and brilliance that gets under Left-Wing skins: envy in the case of females, repressed lust in the men. And anyway, Republicans are supposed to be dumpy and dumb and uncool, right? How dare she NOT be?

Take a look at the OAN anchor roster:


And this woman (also OAN)


And this woman (also OAN):


"Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

"Please don't hate me because I'm smart."

"Please don't hate me because I'm not a twisted lying hater like you."

Oh, wait a minute...

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Even younger. Liberal Arts majors these days are handed the scowl along with their diplomas. They've been Pavlov-conditioned to be in perpetual hair-trigger rage mode, turned into political attack dogs, aka SJWs. To major in Libtard Arts is to be subjected to 4 years of emotional abuse in one long Diversity Training seminar. If you're black you receive faux-righteous anger implants. Whites spend those years being defendants in a racist show trial; naturally they come away full of guilt, self-hatred and redirected aggression (projection).

And yes, I'm afraid it's the women more often than not.

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Also, personality not distorted by PC smugness or clenched aggressiveness--always stamped on the faces of SJWs.

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ALWAYS! Maybe it's that look of mental health

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"You're an Aunt Tommasina!"

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