Norwayhastrolls 1 point ago

was that from the "they gave me a list" speech?

I, state your name yada yada

Norwayhastrolls 5 points ago

Until trump. I had no idea how many of our laws were not being enforced. And here I am obeying laws and paying taxes.

I am surprised daily at trumps never ending MAGA. This is the hill I choose to die on.

Norwayhastrolls 2 points ago

My mom has an electric mixer from her wedding gifts from 1965. Still works on the regular. Over 50 years old. wow

and how about those sweet analog sound systems of yester year.

Norwayhastrolls 4 points ago

IBM MODEL M clickity clackity certified to smash through any antifah cuck.

Norwayhastrolls 6 points ago

Does he have to remember to make it true? I mean, his fucking name is on the document. Hes just a patsy anyway.

Norwayhastrolls 2 points ago

Senator Biden is good though right?

Norwayhastrolls 2 points ago

Whew, you turned my frown upside down. This site genuinely cheers me up.

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