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And check out the rallies now, what happened to covid and social distancing/masks?

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And of course Fox puts it up. And hes only spewing fucking lies here, fuck this aids looking faggot.

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Well the rest of the video he is soaked in sweat...his shirt. If this was in the humid as fuck south I can understand, where was this?

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You're right, I'm just in a small-ish Midwestern town and forget about pedes in the big blue shitholes. Get out when/if you can!

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No offense, but they aren't going to do shit but reeeee just like 2016. We would destroy them in 1 day if they tried this Civil War bullshit, and so would Trump after re-election. I don't buy into it

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Media is gonna lose their shit over this watch haha, but good, it will bring attention to the fact.

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Well that was pathetic. He wasn't 76 back when he was doing all this sick shit, and it wasnt hugging, Tucker.

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38 degrees in Lansing right now and raining, and the place is still packed with people waiting to see Trump for hours. unbelievable

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I heard that shoutout from Sustainable saltmine Pede, good work ;)

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Mods have said they know what the issue is and think they'll have it all worked out by then, it does seem like things have been running a lot smoother lately, even with all these big news drops...for the most part.

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Now their argument is they shoulda tased him, or shot him in the leg. We've seen how that works out


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Ok, yea I'm looking into that too. Thanks

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No, all I have is some crappy discount plan that took about 500$ off. I'm looking around though because its impossible to eat anything missing molars. Sucks!

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Shit, they're back to shutting down the state again over a slight bump in cases. Her and Pritzker need to be removed.

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