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Get out of the fucking road. Its not rocket appliances.

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Because ideology has put itself between you and your ambitions. Because leftists want careers.

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Never thought I'd see they day when rice gets politicized.

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Can I get some context please. Keeping up lately takes a little more effort.

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Eh looks more like a real fat Coner? Who smokes a blunt like they're french.

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I named by cat after Tucker.

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Is that the show were they laughed about chopping off a man's penis and feeding it to a dog?

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Former Hugo Chavez advisor and current San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was also funded by Soros and his groups. Boudin has called prison “an act of violence” and has refused to prosecute a slew of illegal acts, from public urination to the public solicitation of sex, which he deems to be “quality of life crimes.” By the way, Boudin is the foster child of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, of terrorist group Weather Underground fame. His birth parents were convicted and imprisoned for their involvement in an armed robbery-turned-homicide.

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