Nimble_navigator92 [S] 3 points ago

Honesdale is VERY conservative and VERY pro 2a. There are at least two gun stores in town and an indoor shooting range.

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 9 points ago

Damn i work in honesdale. It is quintessential small town America. All small business. This isn't good!

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 2 points ago

Cognitive dissonance is the feeling of discomfort one gets realizing they are supporting two opposing viewpoints. These idiots don't feel that, they are so brain dead they don't even realize they contradict themselves

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 9 points ago

That's why i want a mini-14. Libs just think it's a hunting rifle but functionally no different than an AR style rifle

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 0 points ago

Washington has one of the lowest death counts from this fucking virus.

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 19 points ago

My understanding is that the victim had succumbed to his injuries and the family is seeking legal repercussion

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 7 points ago

They. Always. Type. Like. This. Like. It. Makes. Their. Claim. More. Credible.


Nimble_navigator92 [S] 5 points ago

Yet fox comes out with a poll today saying Americans prefer Biden over Trump to take on China. Like wtf did they only poll people in dc or something

Nimble_navigator92 [S] 1 point ago

Surely they can stop the spread of these droplets at work then

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