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I think it says MC, like Medicare. Although I hope he misreads it. He has to be reminded not to hold a grudge after all, meaning that he's had a talking to about his propensity to snap at people.

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It's literally a phrase cribbed from the UN. If you search Build Back Better, you find a lot of UN policy sites from years ago.

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I'm 29 and I was about to make it. Thanks for taking the slings and arrows.

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He nailed it back in the late 70s with "I've been dumb, and I'll be dumb again".

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They anticipated that all these other attacks would ruin Trump and/or make him drop out. They didn't want to damage any potential future candidates, so they put out the slowest buffalo first to take the brunt of the attack.

Where they fucked up was having every one of those potential future candidates endorse Biden, thus providing an easy proof that none of them can be trusted.

I also think a lot of it was arrogance and outright insanity. Like the top brass responsible for the "slowest buffalo" play didn't tell their litany of other slow buffalos what the game was, and since they're all clinically insane, they ran with the Biden idea earnestly.

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hahahaha, this needs to become a meme, just to annoy the angry feminists who post the original quote on Facebook.

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Doooo your tits hang low, do they wobble to and fro?

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I think he caught a flight back to palm beach on one of the jets once. But zero logs of him ever going to the island.

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Basically a bunch of doctors promoting Hydroxychloroquine

This is literal warfare. They are murdering people.

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It sounds like there's no way past the toxicity. I got married and tried so hard to get through a toxic relationship and I can tell you that it's just not worth it.

I dunno your story or what you should say to her, but eh. Sounds like a bitch.

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I'm not sure how you can ignore literally every move the Democrats made which increased deaths, yet literally act like Trump is singlehandedly responsible for murdering 150k people.

Your hateboner for Trump is bigger than that tiny nugget in your brain that produces sensible thought.

You can't actually refute any of my points. All you can say is "BUT TRUMP!".

Yes, yes. Orange man bad. We know.

Change the record.

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When Trump was trying to handle COVID, the Democrats were trying to impeach him on information they knew was false, while Nancy Pelosi danced in Chinatown saying "come on in!".

When Trump mentioned COVID during the State of the Union Address, Nancy Pelosi tore up the speech.

When he banned travel from China, they called him Xenophobic.

When he promoted Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has PROVEN RESULTS, CNN desperately tried to convince you that Trump was a dangerous liar, thus killing thousands who could have gotten the treatment they needed.

When Trump provided legislation and funding to create new hospitals to handle projected COVID cases, people like Andrew Cuomo refused to use those hospitals, leaving them EMPTY, while sending COVID positive patients into nursing homes while specifically knowing that the elderly are more susceptible. Cuomo now refuses to take any responsibility, and instead goes on CNN with his dumbass brother Fredo for bizarre comedy segments.

These same Democrats didn't allow any sort of public gatherings, but then actively promoted all these riots. They arrested people for going to funerals while they gave George Floyd, a criminal who once pointed a gun at a pregnant woman's stomach, multiple lavish funerals/memorials with a gold coffin.

Tell me again how it was Trump mishandling COVID.

He is draining the swamp. The world is seeing who these crooks are. He's bringing them into the light for everyone to see. And you're just upset because it goes against the narrative you've been duped into believing for years.

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