Never_Surrender_MAGA 158 points ago

Sad that she’s old and suffering, let’s say a prayer for her. Unlike the left,we don’t wish harm on others

Never_Surrender_MAGA 1 point ago (edited)

‘Don’t look at us. Our guns were stolen BEFORE the murder. We wouldn’t falsify the time and get rid of them ourselves. The FBI doesn’t do stuff like that, we’re trustworthy

Never_Surrender_MAGA 1 point ago

The edit button is appropriately called spez

And we are appropriately named win

Never_Surrender_MAGA 64 points ago (edited)

Look at # of upvotes on posts here. They’re basically the same as r/T_D with way less subscribers here. Bullshit is about to get proved

This place will surpass Reddit’s sub count soon, guaranteed, Spez is probably throwing a fit right now

Never_Surrender_MAGA 7 points ago

Plus I don’t think we have Chinese corporate overloads here nor DNC controlled

Never_Surrender_MAGA 13 points ago

Guess what, you’re not breaking up with us Spez. WE’RE BREAKING UP WITH YOU!