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yes, i feel like this is a real life version of the astronaut meme.

one astronaut says "we reward leftists for violence?"

and the other astronaut repliess "always have"

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what are these F5 jokes/references I keep seeing?

I have a macbook, is F5 some sort of PC thing?

Please explain.


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No 2A supporter would donate to Obama's election campaign either

and no 2A supporter would like tweets calling Kyle Rittenhouse a "wannabe douchebag" and a "punk ass"


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and they are still saner than the rest of the democrats

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Well said.

three dangerous criminal adults who were part of a mob burning down a city tried to kill a child.

that child (instead of allowing himself to be murdered) acted in self defense to save his own life.

that acting in self defense against those trying to murder him, this child was unjustly put in jail (by a DA supported by Soros), while leftists wished for him to be killed or raped in prison.

Then.. when this innocent child is finally freed on bail, BRCC feels its necessary to go out of its way to distance themselves from this victim of leftist hate, intolerance and injustice?

Honestly, that they would do such a thing tells me all i need to know about them.

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real patriotic actions


patriotic showboating for commercial gain

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First of all, I am a fan of Steve Bannon, and support what he is doing right now to shine light on election fraud

but do you remember when Steve was in the White House? Remember some of the interviews he did?

Sloppy Steve is hardly one to talk about losing focus.

Like I said, I support Steve, and his podcast/show is 🔥 🔥 🔥

But we can still be 100% against Democrat Party voter fraud while also being disappointed in a company the brands itself as pro-2A but then makes a point of putting out statements saying it doesnt support an innocent boy who used a firearm to defend himself against 3 criminals who tried to violently murder him.

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Years ago, he joined with the leftists and the anti-Trumpers

now his side has gone waaaay too far left, and become insane...

and he's like, whoa there.

but its too late, John, the left uses people, and then discards then when no longer useful (or appropriately obedient).

You thought they liked you? Nothing is more important than ideology to them, nothing. Now they dont think twice about throwing you under the bus (after they were your fans for decades)

oh well, you chose your mates, dont complain to us now that they've turned on you.

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"cybersecurity summit"?

oh no, they're coming after us, fellow cybercriminals!

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2-4 weeks in re-education camps

whats the big deal?

you know, kinda like 15 days to flatten the curve

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but Obama still beats him on most murders if you allow drone kills


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