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There are a few other clips. Then there is the fact that the kids don't look like the Obamas, but do look like some close friends - that there are no pictures of "Michele" pregnant, and only 1 (maybe 2) pictures of the Obamas with their kids when they were young, and they aren't that young at all in the photos.

It looks very much like a "beard" family.

Add in Obama's attempts to hide his birth certificate, refusal to release grades, going to college under a different name, "My muslim faith" slip, etc.

Why does Obama refer to his wife as "Michael"?

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I'm not sure if you watched it live, but the miles and miles of Indians cheering ( - tens of thousands if not another 100K) cheering and smiling as the motorcade went by were even more inspiring.

Tremendous people.

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Your information is incorrect.
"That compares with a mortality rate of 0.095% for the flu in the U.S., according to CDC estimates for the 2019-2020 flu season."

Coronavirus has a mortality rate of 2.3-3.5% for all cases and as high as 9.8% for completed cases. Which means that it is 24-100 times as deadly for those who catch it.

The big difference is that so far about 19 million people in the US have been infected by the flu, vs the 53+ cases of Coronavirus in the USA, and 100K cases worldwide.

The real question is can the spread be controlled.

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These kind of people are permanently magnetized. Science has shown if you put giant/powerful magnets on people's heads they turn into liberals from the brain damage. They would play the "lay down for 5 minutes on a busy interstate highway" challenge, and then blame the driver for running them over. If something interferes with what they call or think is fun/cool, then it is evil, dangerous and will destroy the planet. If someone who they consider to be in the "fun/cool people" category (professor, elected official, celeb etc) says something is bad/evil, will destroy the world, then they accept that as a scientific fact. End of story.

Demagnetizing many of them is impossible. There's a reason you don't put sour milk back in the fridge.

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Two Scoops!
Two Terms!
Two Baby Pedes!

May God bless your family, and keep everyone safe and healthy.

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I agree with Mini Mike - and believe he should be sent to Wuhan to work very closely with everyone there. The only reason for him not to go is that he is a racist bigot!

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I like Brave, but Brave seems to be allowing a lot of pop ups, and wasn't doing that over a year ago when I first started using it.

What's your impression of Waterfox?

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Leftists: "He wasn't trying to harm their cell phones!"

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No one needs boots or shoes that can take a hundred steps without resoling! I think POTUS needs one more SCOTUS pick to make sure Roberts doesn't back down and betray us all on a 2A case.

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Was it Mittens Romney pitching for Solyndra?

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Moderator: "How do you treat women when the cameras are off Joe?"

Biden: "I grab 'em by the flea collar and throw a saddle on them."

Moderator: "Even Rosie?"

Biden: "Rosie, put out a restraining order, so not Rosie."

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Both. He needs to be investigated, tried and sent to jail.

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Send him to Wuhan, so he can serve his real masters more closely.

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And unlike previous efforts, Trump isn't giving out money and waiting years for some answers. in 180 days, POTUS expects to hear results from the people appointed on what measures need to be taken, and how extensive the problem is.

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I'm no Kobe fan, and when I initially saw the story, I thought as you did. From everything I've seen, it seems like she was the guilty one and just after his money.

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OP - I agree with your idea, but Trump should still allow democrats and leftists to travel one way TO Wuhan.

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Most porn actresses wouldn't sink so low as to become a Vice 'journalist'.

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California has other kinds of voting besides fraud? When did this happen?

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Agreed. What's really sad is that the two on the left most likely have better thoughts about America than the two on the right.

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4/4 in most cases, as 'educator' translates to brainwasher more often than not.

(We do have good teachers, but the majority are owned by the marxist anti American, Anti family democrats. )

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Get SCOTUS involved and start applying the absolute law over these deep state political traitors.

We need to start putting judges in prison that are intentionally subverting the law at the behest of the DNC. Prison - life time sentences - or possibly tried for actual treason with all the applicable penalties.

No one should be above the law - judges especially.

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