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I fyou really want to fuck someone over, have like three or four people agree... "oh, fuck yeah, I remember that nigga when I was goin down for bne!" (BNE = breaking and Entering)

Agree on the same poor soul who gonna get his ass beat out of paranoia.

Also, remember, there actually ARE feds in that group.

NeOmega 24 points ago


The best way to take down an organization like this is to get them to start playing "Guess the Fed among us"

They'll kill themselves over it eventually.

GO into comment sections, and just start claiming you know one of them, say he used to be an undercover cop.

That's how you take down armies without firing a shot.

That's the true art of war.

NeOmega 2 points ago

that 600M bailout was such bullshit.

NeOmega 76 points ago


looks like road rage to me.

I am sure the white woman will be charged for animal cruelty for daring to be in the way of the dog as it was swung around by its leash

Also fuck that "man" for not getting out of the car and laying down the law of God.

NeOmega 3 points ago

This just gets crazier and crazier. Another member speaks up, and is starting off by explaining why she smiled about something.

Smiling is now enough to get you unpersoned in these elite circles. You must now justify your smiles before speaking, lest one think the smile was racist.

NeOmega 3 points ago

A white male school board member is on a zoom with other board members.

He has a friends young child who is black, come up on his lap, while they are discussing school integration.

He says "well, at least my house is integrated" and laughs.

The Karens go apeshit about how racist he is.

100 parents file a letter with the head of the New York School board.

And this is the discussion a few weeks later.

NeOmega 2 points ago

I think the best tack would be to pose as women, and just have them start saying all white men need to remain quiet.

That is basically what these cunts were saying anyway (I have watched more)

So much fucking word salad out of these bitches mouths, and so much condescension. 20 minutes of nothing.

But anywaysm they were saying, "if a POC says you have done or said something racist, you must first apologize, even if you don't feel it was racist"

it wont redpill cucks, but it might make them shut the fuck up.

NeOmega 4 points ago

we so need local wins. I know another pede from Bothell, I used to live in Bothell, still in the area. We really need to stage some no mask walk ins.

If we can get 3 or four dozen people, we can start causing ruckuses.

NeOmega 1 point ago

can you DM me?

I have a 6 month food supply, but I know other people who do not.

NeOmega 5 points ago

the virus exists...

...and it has a 99.99% survivability rate among normal healthy adults.

NeOmega 8 points ago

This is crazy!

Two privileged white people, breaking the law, walking in the middle of the freeway get in the way of a black man driving down the freeway, he hits them.. and who goes to jail!!

The black man!

Of course, it's always the black man's fault!


NeOmega 2 points ago

So I took the bullet for many and watched about 20 more minutes of this madness.

And it was basically men vs women.

A good insight into the next fracture line we can exploit to crush out this leftist nonsense, but we have to play it smart. A direct appeal to manhood does not work on cucks. It would haev to be some reptilian brain attack.

I am going to meditate on this.

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