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he almost let slip john brennan is running "the resistance"

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They want it to be a jew again, like Ginsburg was. I think 2 jews on the supreme court is enough. But why no protestants? SCOTUS is all Jewish and Catholic.

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All those animals all over the west had their homes destroyed if lucky, were incinerated alive if unlucky.

The ones with their homes destroyed have to move in with neighbors who dont particularly like the competition, and fights break out every where, especially when water is low.

Luckily the rains are falling, at least in WA and OR.

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careful people.

Something doesn't sit right about this one.

I have read some of his past posts which raise flags. In particular, one which seems to tell me he doesn't actually live in Oregon.

for example he started this topic a few days ago:


F the DEMS! Was waiting for the next Ohio one and then this plandemic started

But this was not the one that actually alerted me this 22 day old member was not actually an Oregon resident, or who knows much about Oregon. BE very careful, would highly advise against charity without solid proof.

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"I'm fucking Pat tillman, God dammit"

testimony from soldiers there who heard him yell this multiple times as his own soldiers fired on him.

shot three times in the head at less than 10 yards away

2300+ page report, no mention or evidence of enemy fire

somebody on this thread claimed to know pat tillman, then deleted it. Their last line was somethign of a "he deserved it". Something about him being mouthy and getting popped off. Like he was always insulting guys for praying and stuff, because he was an atheist, and how it shouldn't come as any surprise he was killed.

The guy also claimed to have gotten in a fight with Tillman, and said he saw him "push a lines of civilians down" in bars.

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This is excellent in all ways. We should keep this up.

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At first I didn't believe that was his only pre-existing condition, but now that I see this Adonis of fitness, I got to question how he could have died so young and healthy.

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this is meme template gold

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the science is on her side. She'd like to see how Trump's hair fared in a blizzard.


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20 candidates running.

The complacency psy-op is working, I see.

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