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So it really looks like all these companies are going down. All things must come to an end. But that means it's also time for new beginnings.

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It wasn't trump supporters. It was Antifa pretending to be trump supporters. They always do that.

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The Pedocrats have no loyalty to their own kind. They threw Epstein under the bus.

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The Pedocrats know that Trump knows.

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aaron david robinson

R/latinopeopleTwitter deleted the post - reddit is full of pedophiles and sick fucks.

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Has the Whitehouse responded to this incident? Rape and murder Is more common than people think in army bases.

The kill or suicide the victim to cover incase they decide to report it. There are tons of stories like this.

The main problem is that they do indeed cover for each other and having a third party hotline to investigate can reduce this issue by more than half or more.

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