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And Kennedy probably would not have. So likely she would have just been able to appoint Lynch and Obama is all. Maybe Breyer would have retired, but unlikely.

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On reddit there was always a suicide hotline number for libs but after how they’ve behaved for these four years I’m of the opinion we should offer tutorials this time

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I’m in the clink for 30 too for calling a buzzcut liberal girl a “dyke”. After she reported it, I told her I was glad she saw it before it got taken down. Worth it.

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sadly pragmatic but based take

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No. It’s not the job of Home Depot to play Minority Report. If you are intent on harming innocent people and engage in crime, there is no way to stop that. Buy a truck, rent a truck, steal a truck...

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And sometimes the Sun rises in the East.

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and if a Somali shows up when you did call them, he might blast you anyways

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Votes postmarked on election day should be tossed. You had months to do it, and it’s not an e-mail; it takes days to process mail. Too bad, vote in person if you’ve procrastinated that much.

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I’m going to start robbing banks and counterfeiting money and refer to it as my complex financial transactions. Surely I, an austere fiduciary scholar, would not lack candor in my testimony to the Federal Bureau of Matters.

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what in tarnation are ‘deenz’

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Remember when 0bama was mulling the idea of minting a Trillion dollar coin and the news claimed how brilliant it was?

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Is this at the mail-in vote storage warehouse?

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This can’t be said enough: Obama would have been put on the Supreme Court right away, or right after Cankles Loretta Lynch. No Republican would dare oppose them, either.

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Ostensibly she’s pretty, but she had to finger Harvey Weinstein’s b-hole when she was 14 for her first part.

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