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You ain’t wrong.

Then again no shit like that has been leaked since. We had the ghislaine shit leaked a week ago and had some deep dives but that was shit everyone also suspected or knew.

At the time the podesta shit leaked back on T_d reddit i don’t think many people had any idea how depraved and fucked up shit was.

We knew the establishment was corrupt, but we didn’t know they were fucking kids and murdering them.

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Technically jfk jr would be jfk now and jfk would be jfk sr.

But I think he’s dead.

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I do.

Fantastic day.

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Beg to differ. Christian bale played one hell of a Batman. That trilogy of Batman movies is the best. Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Aflek sucked shit in the role. And vampire boy is going to be a disgrace.

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Didn't you hear? History was whitewashed. The greeks, romans, persians, etc etc were all black empires until the white aliens appeared from nowhere and took over and whitewashed history.

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What the fuck did I just read. JFC these people need put down before they cause more damage.

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We all know the media and democrats have to do a 180 on anything trump says.

They’ve been pushing masks.

Suddenly trump comes out in support of masks.

CNN asks “do masks really work”?

  1. Dem governors mandate masks.
  2. Trump comes out in support of masks.
  3. People who hate trump start questioning masks.
  4. ?????
  5. Profit
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And this is why you don’t allow potentially hostile foreigners to go to college in your fucking country.

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Is that bitches mask literally shittily photoshopped onto her ugly face? Because it sure looks like it is.

Edit: it isn't but fuck that cunt.

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But you can imagine what it’d be like right? Huh? Huh?

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They didn’t boo him because he’s “brown” they booed him because he’s a piece of shit race baiting America hating faggot who wanted his 5 minutes of fame at the expense of the country in the middle of tense race relations.

Fuck. That. Guy.

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Don’t think I can ever remember him talking about lizard people, only David Ike who I think is batshit. Alex has called them all kinds of shit but I don’t think lizard people is one of them unless you can supply me with a clip.

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