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Look up the history of

Nissan are asshoe

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WP site with tons of plugins. A lot vulnerable.

Get lost before we drop the site.

Fuck this guy.


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Archy Bunker, 'Meathead'

Still holds true to this day. Amazing.

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Well considering his post is newer. No.

I don't really care what random user says.

I posted the article, don't kill the messanger.

If you don't like that, skip the article. No big deal. Peace fren

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Prepare for the masses to tell you you're crazy. Then call you names. Then say youre the problem. Then harass and attack you.

Welcome to the open minded

Ever since Reddit shut these people out, they have been attacking all QANON posts with a vengence.

However, Q cap - The Habeas Corpus Suspended

Crazy? or ahead?

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It isn't normal for a a ship armed with cruise missiles to sail through there?

I dunno. You guys are trying to kill the messenger.

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So why wait to introduce it then>?

Why agree with Republicans only to block upon return?

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Not hard on this one. No one saying this is war. They are simply pointing out that we are exercising our freedom of navigation.

WTF is everybody jumping to conclusions for? Did the article say anything about what you are referring to? No.

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I believe this article is from a foreign source.

However, are they there or not?

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DUH, all hospitals are under equipped for this.

They are supplying the PPE as fast as they can.

Saying "this hospital should have been better equipped" is barking up the wrong tree!


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How big of them all. Our tax dollars anyway. Gee, thanks.

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