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STDs, man, don't stick your dick in crazy.

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Antifa faggots who can't find anything better.

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Yup, if 31% vote Trump, in reality 0% voted Trump, because they ain't black.

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I wonder, how many states would be red if they worked like that? Would there be any blue states left? As far as I can tell, most blue states are mostly smaller red cities and a few big blue cities.

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And a picture of him "in the vertical" with someone who strongly resembles his niece.

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Giuliani held her name up on television. The text was on the paper that he was holding and had no redactions.


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We know they're out there, we know you want everyone to be aware of them, but we absolutely cannot host and share images of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, having sex with 14 year old girls, even censored.

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I'm surprised Sleepy Joe didn't fall down the stairs.

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Tim is acting like a cuck and not pushing back on lies.

He was super agressive with Enrique Tarrio, but as soon as a leftist shows up, Tim becomes a little bitch.

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