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Well De Santis hasn’t cucked on us or trump. He did fuck up with the lockdowns at the start but he won’t shut us down again.

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This isn’t OP video it’s a clip from the doc plot against the president

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I’m surprised Amazon would even allow something like this on their service

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I’m sure liberals would love to clean up that mess!

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Well the doomers on this site believe Trump doesn’t have a plan and that these court cases are pointless.

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Bruh we now know people didn’t vote for this shit. Through the stealing of elections most of our elected officials were falsely elected.

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I don’t like video like this that don’t show the full scene. Did the guy who got choked out start shit?

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There is nothing wrong with being against vaccines you faggot. It someone doesn’t want a vaccine then that is there choice.

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The cops are still pieces of shit for enforcing the masks

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You are right there is no hope and trump has no plan at all. He duped us all and really is apart of the establishment and he is being a sore loser, there isn’t anything he can do to win. We might as well worship our communist God Joe Biden now /s

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Did you already forget about Powell’s bug case that she is going to file this week? It’s not time for anything until every legal option is done. You are just being a doomer for no reason, why are you even on this site?

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The one Powell is working on that she will file this week.

MyTeenageBody 7 points ago +9 / -2

Every since the election this site has had an increase of retards coming over here. I think it’s part of the demoralizing to bring us all down. It won’t work on me, I believe in God and have hope and faith and I trust Trump.

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They are controlled opposition that has infected this site.

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Oh so you are one of those faggots on this site that is a spineless GOP loser. He is using the courts and the big case hasn’t happened. You ate worse than a democrat liberal.

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Oh shut up. I’m so tired of the act now tweets. They obviously have a plan and are working on it. You don’t just arrest people over night, this is bigger than just American elections.

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If our elections were safe and fair from the start of this country I believe we wouldn’t have as many corrupt politicians as we do now.

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