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I always feel sorry for those poor scooters.

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Some do it to themselves on purpose. I used to think it was accidental that people become that big. Also anti-depressants can cause such a weight gain. Either way its mostly mental.

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What is it with women thinking their vag is so special? Its always about sex with them. The Vagina Monologues, pussy hats, topless protestors, associating certain things like guns and the Washington monument as phallic symbols, and Likening Skyscrapers to Priapic Penis. Heard about the last one on Rush last week.


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I've seen them worn on profile pics on dating apps. Almost as infuriating as those who post pics of their pets, landscapes, inspirational quotes, sunsets, etc... Not that I would use such apps mind you, just saying.

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But muh "this is a place for positive thoughts only" smh.... why not just go stick our heads in the sand and let President Trump fix everything.

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Today they're owned by Democrat politicians.

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Yet whenever there is a news story about declining marriage rate. We are the ones told to "man up" and marry these "women".

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By looking at him I think its safe to say he got all his desserts.

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Thank you, I've had that problem with tomatoes, usually a white fungus grows in the split.

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I'll take that pledge. The left never accepted the legitimately elected president in 2016. Why should we accept a fraud election in 2020. Fuck the "muh loose with dignity crap" the RINO's will be pushing.

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Seriously: "thank you for your service". I never tipped at my local Dunkin Donuts, I was what you might call a Cheap Bastard, and was damned if I was gonna tip someone for simply handing me a cup of coveffee. But that changed ever since this "pandemic". I'm glad to see people working these jobs. I know many who are happy to use this as an excuse to stay home. Some are collecting more on unemployment.

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When I was in school I kept wondering when they were gonna teach us about investments and how to do our taxes. (For some reason as a kid I was already afraid of messing up my future taxes)

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Brian Kilmeade from Fox & Friends was using this as an argument against homeschooling. I really hate that neocon.

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I wish I lived in the 20's, booming economy, not much foreign intervention, pro capitalism president, oh wait...

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