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fat man

A bit outdated there. I prefer a few Trident II with the full complement of 12 warheads each...

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That is such a scientist’s response too. The guy is a professional, through and through.

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boxes of ammo

Those are rookie number, gotta pump those numbers up!

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You say this jokingly, but China is actually doing this using blood plasma from those that have recovered from the virus to treat party leaders that got infected.

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Actually one of these things is many times deadlier than the other.

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I have family in China. There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions dead there. The government is covering all of it up and burning the bodies wholesale.

When only one family member is allowed to leave the house to get supplies, once a week in a Cory as far from Wuhan as Shenzhen: shit is fucked.

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Taser doesn’t work well with thick winter coats, or against people on heavy drugs like this guys was

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He tried that first; see the remote in his hand before he goes back and opens the door?

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Those six part centipedes were some of the greatest posts to ever grace the front page with their presence.

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