MrsSilenceDogood 2 points ago

And then the sun came out and dried up all the rain......................

MrsSilenceDogood 7 points ago

There are parts of Ohio, and other states for that matter, where people are better left alone. Fuck around and try and have a little rally in Pike County. Them mother fuckers kill whole families down there.

MrsSilenceDogood 3 points ago

As long as its not on Smithsonian, AMC, FS Ohio, Fake news Lite (FOX) or History I don't ever have to worrying about seeing it.

MrsSilenceDogood 3 points ago

This is not being a douchebag, this is top level trolling. :)

MrsSilenceDogood 11 points ago

Thats the most sinister thing I've heard in awhile............AND I FUCKING LIKE IT!!!!!!!

Fun little things I enjoy doing are as follows:
Captions On
Volume Max
Batteries in remote backwards

MrsSilenceDogood 37 points ago

My favorites are the douchebags, yes douchebags, who wear one while driving.........ALONE!!! And of course you can't forget about the virtue signalers with it hanging from their rear view mirror. Kiss my dick. I hang an old dirty I found in the yard from my trailer ball.

MrsSilenceDogood 8 points ago

Extremely powerful people surrounding the most powerful man in the galaxy. No masks.

END THE FUCKING MASK CHARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrsSilenceDogood 5 points ago

We got a clown ass bitch governor in Ohio with an "R" in front of his name too

MrsSilenceDogood 3 points ago

Am I the only one that feels just a bit uncomfortable around a bunch of strangers who I can't identify if shit kicked off? I mean I'm not usually by intimidated by things, including but not limited to tigers, alligators, 6'-7" offensive lineman, people holding dynamite, nuclear warheads etc etc. But if I can't identify a person because they have a Kung Flu dust mask on, I tend to get a little on the defensive side.

MrsSilenceDogood 9 points ago

I refuse to cook too. Told the wife years ago, "I'll kill it, you grill it, and when shit busts around the house, I'll fix it."

MrsSilenceDogood 1 point ago

Just a reminder before Bubba magically starts winning races and contending for championships he averaged about a 20th place finish with a few top 10s sprinkled along the way in the Cup series.

MrsSilenceDogood 4 points ago

If you are the guy that goes by The Louisville Slugger.................YOU'RE THE GUY THAT FUCKED MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrsSilenceDogood 3 points ago

Just another chapter of the PLANDEMIC. Cant wait to see what the next chapter holds.

MrsSilenceDogood 11 points ago (edited)

I like to refer to it as a whores pussy wipe after a video I saw. (And pardon my language to the ladies of tD. Locker room talk :) )

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