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Aye lad, let's get this HIGH ENERGY to the top!

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Saw him speak a few times though 2007-2012.

I think it was 2007 or 08 where thousands showed up at UT in Austin to hear him speak with less than 24 hours notice. All done though the Ron Paul message board, brings back good memories.

All the Ron Paulers where high energy - he is probably the main founder to the modern day Liberty movement.

Wish I had my revoLution shirt still.

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Scary as I picked up a box of Federal for $21 and change less than two months ago.


Good luck even finding it.

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It's these same people that get in a tizzy about "muh assault weapons and bumpstocks", and continuously vote for more restrictions on firearms.

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Based, and ditto on that front.

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Want to know what these "people" think about The People? Watch this clip with the sound turned down all the way, and notice his facial expression.

The amount of contempt Schumer has for people outside of the shit stain political/monied class is as plain as day.

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Or rope.

helicopter rides sound nice though, as long as there is hookers and blackjack on board for post commie celebration.

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Never once met a bi chick that was anywhere near mentally stable.

Those that are, wear it like a badge - bizzare people, and fucked in the head.

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I don't believe someone that looks like that is any of those things. Far too much hygiene and regular hair color tobe consider someone a leftist these days.

They look real fucked up in real life.

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This concern is valid - still see faggots in Austin with Beto and Bernie stickers on cars.

Literally surrounded by a lot of crazy people.

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