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I hope those fuckers spent weeks of their life walking to our border, only to be back home in time for their beans and rice supper they say they “arrive”.

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They need to be added to the UN Pandemic Response Council too. After all, they know how to create one better than anybody!

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He truly is a God among men. He is empowering millions of us to fight the good fight and finally WIN!

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And let the business know you appreciate them and that you specifically came that day to support them. Not only will they appreciate you even more, but they’ll continue to know that what they’re doing is the right thing and they will press on!

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I hope that they destroy all of the cartels. Clean up the Mexican government and Mexico so that they can stop coming here to ruin our country and instead fix their own.

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President Trump being right. Like he always is...

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My Prezzy also put his big balls on the table and said “Try me, you terrorist Bitches. Just try me.”

Iran gonna feel the big hurt soon.

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Liberals can complain: “Everyone is dying! He’s not doing enough!” And then after this all blows over they can say: “He did too much shutting down the country!”

FUCK LIBERALS! Bunch of pussies

Mr_Beanths [S] 6 points ago

Take the lil’ homie out, make him comfortable with some Hennessy and pop a Liberal cap in his ass!

-Blackface Ralph

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There’s a reason he is doing it. Just like everything else he does, he has more information about this than any of us. He’s a business man, he doesn’t just do shit to do shit. The benefits must outweigh the costs, otherwise he wouldn’t do it.

You could be skeptical like you’re being about almost everything President Trump does.

Syria, Turkey, EVERYTHING.

Just stay calm and trust our President.

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