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Won't take much rope to carry out Schiff's sentence.

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"National Strike. Now."

What few jobs leftists have between them, I'm going to go ahead and guess that without the laziness, complaining, incompetence, manufactured drama, diversity training, and fabricated accusations of -isms against their productive normal co-workers, if all Biden supporters stopped working then productivity would instantly go up substantially.

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"what really really sucks is that it's Hillary's birthday today and she got this as a present for losing"


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Did they even ask about the state of her muh hippocampus!?!

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But they will not be allowed in.

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Good. Let the salt flow through them.

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You agree with Democrats on it? Didn't see any bills from them to legalize it. Didn't see Barry do anything about it. Don't see the Democrat house propose anything. Democrats are in bed with the pharma companies, the banks who launder cartel money, and the CIA which helps the cartels sell drugs. They're not going to do shit about if if the bottom line of their criminal enterprises are at risk.

But yes, legalize it. I hope Trump gets that done in his second term.

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How? Because the enrichers never would have obeyed lock down orders anyway. The police can't even go to the ghettos to stop children being raped, you think they're going to be able to force them all to stay inside?

No, Sweden definitely would have locked everybody down if they could, but they see shattering the enrichment narrative to be a bigger problem than damaging the China Flu narrative.

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Looks like he's going to lose a vote from his one supporter who doesn't think it's okay to molest children then.

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Are these racist pearl clutching white/fellow white karens all talking down to "their" negroes?


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