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This needs to be sent to Project Veritas... see if they can send someone in under cover to see what the deal is with this.

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Pretty much the same way, no social media of any sort, I only browse TD on reddit. (no account)

No cable for at least 10 years and no Netflix, Hulu or any of that crap for at least 5.

I ended up just setting up a Plex/Emby server in my house connected to a trio of 8TB external hard drives and I just download my content locally that I'm interested in watching, then stream it to my xbox/roku devices.

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I follow quite a few tech sites and have noticed a trend over the past couple years that quite a few companies are starting or thinking about moving manufacturing out of China and into places like Taiwan and Singapore.

China by nature, are long term planners/thinkers... 100% they are going to dick around as much as possible til the next Preisdent who replaces Trump comes into power and try to undo everything Trump has done.

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Quite true... but moving in the right direction. Lets hope the trend continues.

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This shit makes my blood boil.

In no way do I condone what this douchebag did, but holy fuck at the one sided justice in this country at the moment.

Antifa gets away with burning the American flag daily, which is clearly hate against this country, what it stands for and the men and woman that have fought and died to protect the rights of us all.

Some murderers and child rapists don't even get this sort of jail time.

I suppose one possibility, is this guy has a ton of priors, that led to this sort of jail time?


It does look like this guy has a ton of priors...

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Fucking clown world times we're living in.

As fair as I'm aware, just like with 'cancer' screenings after someone is in remission, "undetectable levels" doesn't mean 0, just that it's beyond the sensitivity of the equipment to detect and generally accepted as in the 'clear'... but is still not 100%. Standard tests is anything below 50 copies of HIV per milliliter of blood to be in the clear. So NOT 0.

Why would anyone even risk this shit?

"The bank is an initiative by the New Zealand Aids Foundation, Positive Women Inc, and Body Positive."

And there it is.

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Yeah, a single tweet would be all it would take to rocket this site through the atmosphere...

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This place feels like going we're Super Saiyan again...

Just in time for 2020 election as well.


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When the buttplug enters just right...

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God lets hope so... we've been waiting for someone, anyone, to go to jail and have an actual 'it's happening' moment for the past 3 years.

Democrats seem immune to the rule of law thus far.

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This is why I pretty much just lurked over there. I tried many times to post something and they'd never show up about 90% of the time...

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Always upvote pantifa getting knocked the fuck out.

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