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It’s so fucking sickening. It really is.

Why would they want to unite and heal with Nazis?

The last 4 years has been a giant propaganda pysop on low intelligent leftists. It worked. You truly have a plethora of people who believe Trump is a Nazi dictator.

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Okay so- this hearing was incredible.

BUT, can someone who is more well versed on election law and how all of this works explain how this helps us overall?

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I didn’t know that.

Well, back to F’5ing I go!

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Sidney retweeted it. As the OP said.

Now stop being a taint stick.

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6:36pm EST and nothing.

Maybe Friday?

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Nah, they’re not. They’re based (so far)

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Oh lord don’t start with the BRCC stuff.

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Easy to type that on the internet. Completely different (war) in real life.

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I’m still here and will be here regardless.

Still, I am slightly worried about the future of our country. It’s not Trump that I don’t trust- it’s the courts and judges.

But yeah, let’s make a post to try and divide and ostracize seemingly great patriots because they’ve been a bit downtrodden.

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I could definitely SPLUGE to this.

And by spluge I mean release nocturnal JUICES.

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You’re here because in the back of your mind you ARE worried Trump will prevail and be re-elected.

He will (:

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but muh dog racism something phobia something something.

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