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This was definitely one of the more stupid posts. Sad

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Biden's corruption cost the USA trillions of dollars that could never be recovered. Who cares if the government cuts him a check for a couple mil at this point. Throwing him and his son in jail is going to cost money too.

Fuck em

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Yeah imagine a multi-billionaire just getting "arrested" one day. OK.

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And if you show a libtard this they'll comment on the guy not covering his nose with the mask. Fucking idiots

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I'm 1000% behind Trump and not a shill, but I don't like the idea of people giving money to this. Especially in these times you need to consider your own well being. I think everyone (including the president) gave Sidney ample time to produce something. Her vast conspiracy is at best unprovable, and more likely just false.

Cheer for her and hope for the best, but think twice before handing over money.

The president still has multiple pathways forward to close the deal. He needs our high energy focused on the task at hand.

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Guys I really hope you think things through before donating your hard earned cash. I was willing to cheer the tick-tock of Sidney for a week to give her a chance, but she has nothing. Her investigation will go no where.

I'm 1000% behind the president and there's still plenty to go after to close this deal. I just don't want to see people regret throwing their cash into an incinerator. Spend it on yourself.

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Used to live there. A great little section of beach surrounded by insane freakshows in all directions.

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Something needs to be done about that cesspool. I'd rather have a takeover and repurposing because they do hold some "power," but withdrawal would be sufficient.

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My guess is they're realizing the Dominion vote switching is a wild goose chase and distancing from it. Good news honestly. They need to concentrate on the low hanging fruit and just throw out votes.

I love these guys but the legal strategy has been mismanaged hard.

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Wow. I haven't been there in 15 years. Sounds like Milwaukee has become a real third world shithole

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Now they're just having fun. We've won

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It's a marathon not a sprint. Enjoy the good days and remain steadfast and resolute in the bad. We Will Win!

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Wisconsin is generally better at recounts. Who knows how they're going to fucking scam this one tho

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