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I'm a resident black-pilled guy who thinks too much. Sorry.

I just don't see a scenario where Trump wins and all goes back to 2016 base-line. With COVID and what the Governor's did, and election theft looming, and a military coup looming if that fails, and at BEST continued Antifa/BLM/Communist insurrection post-election, I don't see how America has any sense of normalcy again. This is what happens when America votes their conscience and the deep state has no way around it - they take it all down. They flip the chess board because they got checked.

Like I said, unless there is a Biblical-level plan by the Trump admin that gets pulled off within the next 30 days and redpills the world, we're looking at shitty times.

IMO, they'll just steal the election and we'll be stuck with POTUS Kamala Harris after the first year, and the continued long march to communism. China unchecked and all. Hell, they'll probably reward China.

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If they try a military coup, we're in a very dangerous position where we'd immediately be playing defense and the media and all establishments are pro-coup, shouting down the Constitution itself.

I mean, is anyone in DC at all loyal to the POTUS and Constitution? When you have Generals openly defying POTUS, that's already treason...and nothing gets done?

Soooo unless there's a plan to stop this in the next 30 days, it's looking like we get the government our grandparents and parents left for us - Swamp-America.

Seems to me the MSM has been running the "dictator" angle specifically so that Trump can't do anything. Nobody alive has seen a sitting POTUS have Generals or officials charged with Treason. People would totally buy the MSM narrative, hook line and sinker. They'll tell people to go out and kill conservsatives with rocks and they'll obey.


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I heard that, but I am not sure how they figure they're going to enforce it. I mean imagine moving to CA for a year, hating it, leaving...and getting a tax bill for 10 years...Ummm, no.

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That's literally more than my mortgage.

My property taxes are $1900/yr and I have 5 acres...

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"I need two breaks, during commercials."

"Joe, there are no commercials. It's that important."


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Keep the Electoral College - make EC votes a % per district, not state as a whole.

Democrats would have a hard time keeping ANY state blue, and that's a much more respresentative vote of what Americans think as a whole, geographically. Right now if 300k libs vote and 299k conservatives vote, the state goes to the libs entirely. The fuck?

People need to realize that you can drive a car across the entire USA any way you'd like and never hit a "blue county". Democrats need an airplane to go from blue area to blue area and they think they're more "representative of America" just because they're clustered in cities. They have not a single clue about anything that goes on outside the cities, and actually desparage those people as "hicks". THE "HICKS" ARE America. The city folks are caged animals.

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Dude the taxes alone in CA are such a deal breaker it's insane. 13% fucking state income tax? That's DOUBLE what a lot of people pay in their state with an income tax.

I went to San Diego for a couple vacation days and other than the nice coastal view, it's just like any other shithole city...Homeless people and lots of hipster losers. Wooo boy, here's where I want to live...

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NOW is the time?

YEARS ago was the time. Now is far too late.

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Moar liek going to the Senate because people are fucking that stupid

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"Ilhan Omar to be deported"

I would cooooooooooom

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Send them a tractor, a manual, and some seeds. Let them figure it out.

...Who am I kidding, they'd eat the seeds and set the manual on fire to start the tractor on fire and then rape the nearest woman, just because.

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POTUS has time to shitpost on Twitter; he has time to shitpost here.

I have faith...

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Well that would certainly make it all make sense...It definitely has 'hurt Trump' in the sense that the past four years have been almost entirely wasted on pounding "muh Russia" into the soft heads of the American public...

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Aren't pretty much all cities breeding grounds for that kinda' shit? I dunno, I lived in Minneapolis aka New Mogadishu and it was a dumpster.

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I gotcha'. I don't think they bought it to the extent that dem governors did, no. But buying it at all was pretty gay.

I'm not much better off with Walz the under-the-radar nursing home killer.

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"Hey kid, want to learn some information that will put Hillary Clinton behind ba--"

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I'm fine, thanks fren.

Which governor's have not mandated any of these things? As I said, I've not seen information on any others that haven't at least shut down certain businesses, which is a shutdown. You don't have to be as tyrannical as Newsom of CA to have implimented tyranny.

I'm only aware of Noem of SD who did none of them.

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Always move rural; never to a city. Cities are where your soul goes to die...and perhaps your physical body as well.

Cities are in for some shit in the future - I foresee them all going the way of Detroit as people flee commie governance.

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"aS YoU'vE ChOsEn To IgNoRE"

Or didn't see anyone making the argument, which is probably based on technicality and not facts. Go on, tell me how restricting isn't a shutdown and thus it's okay. Go ahead.

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